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What is a ‘Facegamer’? Originally, I found the word on the Urban Dictionary, which defines it as “A particularly annoying kind of Facebook denizen who, knowingly or not, posts their idiotic game scores, ad nauseam, so that you have to scroll down reams of posts to see anything other than chickens#$t in Farmville, or the like, even though these are supposed to be the people you’re interested in hearing from.”

I read that and thought to myself – “That’s ME!” I’d like to think that nowadays, a Facegamer is anyone who REALLY LIKES their Facebook games.

I made this site to share with my fellow Facegamers – all the things here are things that I’m interested in, and that I like to use personally.

If you find out something interesting before I do, please share it with me and I’ll post it on this site with a credit to you if you want. You can also choose to be anonymous. Just let me know.

About the Writer:
The Facegamer is Jacqueline Simon, who is a life-long video game a holic. Ever since her dad let her play his (now-vintage) Bally home entertainment system, that’s all she’s ever wanted to do. Eight-Bit Nintendo games are still a warm, loving memory of youth. And although she’s contracted the fatal disease known as Adulthood, she continues to love and admire video games (and their creators) with childlike wonder. You can reach Jacqueline by email at jacqueline ((at)) thefacegamer.com, or use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

About the Artist:
Rachel Birchnoff is a freelance illustrator working to create a small but growing independent illustrating and conceptual design company. Visit the business site to see what Ordinary Obscurity can do for you.

Rachel is a 23 year old, self proclaimed geek currently residing in Sydney, Australia. Can mostly be found on the internet at her DA account: http://dean-winchester.deviantart.com/ Don’t get confused, even though the account is a guy’s name, she is a girl.

Dean-winchester is just one of a long list of geeky fandoms and obsessions she has.She could name them all, but it is doubtful they would fit on the page. But we can give you a taste :Supernatural, Firefly, Doctor Who, Joss Whedon, Glee, Gary Oldman. Well that’s a start. Drop by and send her a note. She is always happy to make new friends, fans and funds though especially friends.

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The Facegamer is neither endorsed, nor sponsored by, nor affiliated with Zynga, Facebook, or any other gaming company. All original photos, images and articles are copyright to their respective owners and no copyright infringement is intended. Where possible the appropriate credit is given. Due to image alterations ownership of many images can not be verified. Where ownership is known credit is as given. You can read the Privacy Policy here, the Terms of Service here, and the Copyright Policy here.

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  152 Responses to “About”

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    Are Mulburry Trees on the list of things to do?

  2. What can I say?…everyone already has…Thanks so much for what you do for us

  3. now i seeing people theatning to delete me from their friend and neighbor list and they are saying FarmVille is also going to delete us from their list whats a person to do

    • Hi Lisa, you can report them to Facebook for harassment. It is totally NOT okay to threaten and harass other people, especially over a video game.

      • I had someone tell me this the other day. I told them to go ahead and delete me. They didn’t send gifts anyway!

  4. i need some neibours in cafe how do i go to your page and get me some plz let me now ty

  5. I read about a method to make unlimited Lightning Stoves easily in CafeWorld, that you may be interested in, and perhaps consider posting up to let more people in on the secret~

    It requires that you get -any- Lightning Stove part as a gift from a friend. What you do is, you go to the Facebook gift page, and accept the gift. Then, when it loads the page that says “You just accepted this Tesla Coil from your friend!” (or whatever item you got), you press F5 as many times as you need parts — so, 35 Lightning Stove parts would be 35 F5s. Then, WITHOUT CLOSING THE GIFT PAGE, you go in to your Cafe, so you get the “You invented a Lightning Stove!” popup, and you can then return to F5ing the same gift page again to repeat the two steps to get even more Lightning Stoves.

  6. hello im a big fan of face book i play fashion world and im confused about something my sister (cheryl wentworth ) and me are in a contest you can get the highest and it shows on my site she is higher and im on a higher xp’s then her but on her side it shows her having higher xp’s it’s all mixed up is there a way it can be fixed please thank you for your time teresa stark

  7. how do I get a set of keys from Yoville I have two green chests and no way to open them, I have no real money to buy they keys can someone send me two green keys? thank you

    • I read ur post on Face Gamer. I also play YoVille along w/ FV, CW, TI, PV, CL etc. I don’t even have the option to gift chests/keys anymore… since they started this new game hunting for things. But if u’d like to be my neighbor I would love it. Don’t have to many friends that play.

  8. How about Playdom… especially sorority life???
    Thanks so much for the VIP dinners I have used them so many times I have a ridiculous amt of money !! To bad all the really nice stuff requires cafe cash!!

    • Always join me Jennifer. All neighbours on Farm Town welcome. Under Siamese Feline Far. Okay. Happy Farming. 🙂

  9. Hi, I have 2 farms in Farm Town and I am trying to get my 3rd but I need more neighbors. If anyone would like to be my neighbor that would be great!!! Please help, I am running out of room. Thank you so much. Jen

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    You asked about FT guides, are they worth the time? I’ll read ’em!!!!! Thanks for all you do!

  11. I heard that there’s a way to do Farm Town layering. Does anybody know how to do that?

    • Barbara did you find out how to crop layer ?? If you did I wish you would share that information with me, I really need to learn how. I was looking for crop layering for dummies on here lol I havent found anything yet.

      • If you go to YouTube and search for FT layer farming, they will have several videos to show you how.

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  13. I would like to know why I haven’t received all the stoves that I have won is because I am not in first place.
    I also would like to know when it says 100% and I go to get the lightning stove it tells me to level up or put a clean stove down. I do that and still don’t get the stove. So far I am short 4 stoves.

    The VP dinners worked fine until I tried to get the salad and coffee overload. If I use one I can’t get the other.

    Coffee only gives me about a good 7 and now you are offering cake. I guess I won’t get much of nothing.

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    add me as your friend, neighbor i play a lot of farmville

  15. looking for the link to find out who’s using the snagbar

  16. […] Let me make it clear that you are under NO OBLIGATION to purchase anything from the store. The site will remain free for as long as I can afford it. But it’s there if you’d like to show your support. There’s some really cute designs there featuring The Facegaming Bunnies, drawn by a very talented artist named Rachel Birchnoff. You can find out more about her (as well as little ol’ me) on the About Page. […]

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    How about adding canned Tuna and cinnamon bundles and corn flour to the Farm Town Mart.Mostly canned tuna

  18. Hi there Facegamer. im really into frontierville and appriciate all you do on here but any chance of anything for frontierville? maybe ribbons? or school items? Thanks a lot!

  19. Howdy Jacqueline…I love all the stuff you have on here…I was wondering if you might be working on some stuff for “WildOnes” and, or”CatTown”….I could really use some help on them..lol…if not thats fine I still love everything I get from you for “CafeWorld” and “FarmTown”…thank you very much for the help….and Thank you for your time…Jay!

  20. Howdy again this is jay i typed in “CatTown”…and I ment “CarTown”…my fingers got faster then my mind..lol…sorry about that…Thank you again Jay!