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What is a ‘Facegamer’? Originally, I found the word on the Urban Dictionary, which defines it as “A particularly annoying kind of Facebook denizen who, knowingly or not, posts their idiotic game scores, ad nauseam, so that you have to scroll down reams of posts to see anything other than chickens#$t in Farmville, or the like, even though these are supposed to be the people you’re interested in hearing from.”

I read that and thought to myself – “That’s ME!” I’d like to think that nowadays, a Facegamer is anyone who REALLY LIKES their Facebook games.

I made this site to share with my fellow Facegamers – all the things here are things that I’m interested in, and that I like to use personally.

If you find out something interesting before I do, please share it with me and I’ll post it on this site with a credit to you if you want. You can also choose to be anonymous. Just let me know.

About the Writer:
The Facegamer is Jacqueline Simon, who is a life-long video game a holic. Ever since her dad let her play his (now-vintage) Bally home entertainment system, that’s all she’s ever wanted to do. Eight-Bit Nintendo games are still a warm, loving memory of youth. And although she’s contracted the fatal disease known as Adulthood, she continues to love and admire video games (and their creators) with childlike wonder. You can reach Jacqueline by email at jacqueline ((at)) thefacegamer.com, or use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

About the Artist:
Rachel Birchnoff is a freelance illustrator working to create a small but growing independent illustrating and conceptual design company. Visit the business site to see what Ordinary Obscurity can do for you.

Rachel is a 23 year old, self proclaimed geek currently residing in Sydney, Australia. Can mostly be found on the internet at her DA account: http://dean-winchester.deviantart.com/ Don’t get confused, even though the account is a guy’s name, she is a girl.

Dean-winchester is just one of a long list of geeky fandoms and obsessions she has.She could name them all, but it is doubtful they would fit on the page. But we can give you a taste :Supernatural, Firefly, Doctor Who, Joss Whedon, Glee, Gary Oldman. Well that’s a start. Drop by and send her a note. She is always happy to make new friends, fans and funds though especially friends.

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The Facegamer is neither endorsed, nor sponsored by, nor affiliated with Zynga, Facebook, or any other gaming company. All original photos, images and articles are copyright to their respective owners and no copyright infringement is intended. Where possible the appropriate credit is given. Due to image alterations ownership of many images can not be verified. Where ownership is known credit is as given. You can read the Privacy Policy here, the Terms of Service here, and the Copyright Policy here.

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  152 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi, Just found this site & fairly new at all this computer lingo. Maybe you can help. I had reached the two-star rating on CW catering job (Grandpa’s BBQ) It asked if I wanted to redo to try to get the three-star rating. So I clinked it. After getting busy cooking the required dishes, I notice that it’s saying I have a day and a few hours left to get a two-star rating instead of three. I then notice my percentage of completion is going up when I start playing the game after stopping for a while. When I check to see who is helping, it says 12 out of 12 are on my crew, when I click on it to see who is helping there are no names of friends like before, only me and the photo that appears if you haven’t a profile picture. I’m having a hard time getting to the level one. Can you help or tell me what is happening? Thanks!

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    I was wondering if you could start a thread for the game Country Life. It’s a farming game like farmtown and it’s addictive like the rest. Thanks.

  3. having trouble collecting the free money, every window(tab) that opens is of my cafe and not the page that says congrats you 1 cw free. Is there away of correcting this so that i can get the money? Help what am I doing wrong

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    love this site. Where does everyone get all the oak and pine and bamboo trees?

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      to get the oak andpine trees you have to buy them and bamboo trees just like the crops and some of the flowers

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    hi i was wondering if you have anything for car town or millionaire city car town is you start with a garage and build it up and millionaire is the same but you have to build up a city cheers xx

  6. Keep up the good work Jacqueline – you are doing a brilliant job

  7. Do you have an answer to the missing pieces for the collection cabinet? I have bunches of all but 1 item in each collection.

  8. Can we please have colorful stone fences? Thanks!

  9. TY for all the good info and free stuff!!! I was just wondering if you could find a way where the turkey can be gifted??? It doesn’t make sense for everyone to put so much effort into building the turkey roost and have to spend 18FV cash to buy one turkey. Anyway, mahalo…

  10. where is the snow collection for farmville?

  11. thank you, for your overload food… now i’m looking for catering help.. please add me as your cafe friend

  12. I would love to have more neighbors in farm town, would love it if u added me, thank u much!

  13. I am also looking for more neigbours in farmtown.

  14. not sure what uri Is?? would love to have simple instructions sent on how to do the layering of crops in farmtown. Managed it once but getting old and forgot how. First time was confusing to me. Could you help me on this matter?

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      I do not know what URI is either….I did not write anything on that line, it worked anyway =0) Maybe it is tour topic ???

  15. I left a message on the page that turkey feathers live. I would love to get some help as I played a lot of games Farm Town has got me a little confused. I have gotten some free items from your site, and I would like to give you something for the free stuff I got. The 2 things I would like to know, is how to give you items that I have that I’m not using. Tractors, plows etc. Then the second thing would be how to layer?
    Maxine Mahn

  16. How do you add gifts to this site?

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    I heard you can get Farm Town Cash for free ? If that is true, does anyone know where ? Thanks for helping out =0))

  18. I have see one Farmer who have 3 Layer seed. How can i get this? I dont can finde it at this side