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Mar 202010

This no longer works, sorry gang! ~The Facegamer
Here’s a little update for you today.There’s a lot going on in Fishville that I’m going to cover separately. For now, you can use the links below to send any of the aztec glyphs to your friends. I think they’re all ugly myself, but some people really go for them. I guess the clownfish one is kinda cute… I’m sure these links will stop working once they get rid of the Aztec themed stuff, so tag them while you can. I already missed out on the charms. I had a post ready to go for you all and then they took them out! Ah well!

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  13 Responses to “Fishville: Glyphs Galore! (Gifting Helper)”

  1. Like what you are doing thanks for all your effort

  2. Thanks for the links, it helped me to complete my set.

    I can’t believe the Charms disappeared so fast. So direct gifting links don’t work for those anymore? I only managed 5/12 & then they were gone. 🙁

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    Well these links no longer work, too bad wanted to have them to complete my collection…arrrgggg,

  4. I am hoping that you make a link to gift 3 Easter eggs for Fishville for the Easter Basket. They are doing the same type of bonus like Farmville the more eggs you earn you can redeem for something special, what is still a mystery to me. Thank you for helping out the players with your links.

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    Please help with fantasy gifts on Fishville – they are all so expensive!

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    I just tried this link, although it says it won’t work. I got to gift a candy house again although i am out of requests. Thanks heaps.

  8. Hi there! Love your site!
    Could you try to get tips and tricks and hints for “Happy Aquarium”?? It’s another pretty big game out right now as well. I’m at a high level but am at the disadvantage of having few friends who actually play and send/click on the stuff I need! Thanks!

  9. Do any of you have missing links of daily presents?

    I hoped my friends would send me things bach, but they didn’t
    I’m looking specially for the golden ball statue….or what’s it calls
    I have the pink one, the antique one and an other one (bought both) but missed the daily present one.

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    I sure wish you could find a way to get our hands on those fish that they make us use sand dollars for! It takes an eternity to level up in this game unless you can buy the fish that yield high xps. One of my neighbors is moving up really afast and often seems to have tanks full of these sand dollar fish…so maybe she has a secret she is not sharing…if anything every comes up..please post it…it would be just great to be able to access those fish!!

  11. hey u should try to giv esome sanddollars or something i need some fishville is in debt to me!! 🙂

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    I wish you guys had more for fishville. I love that game and some of the things in there are so expensive. Thanks for all you do and looking forward to what you come up with for us loyal fishville players.

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