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May 242010

FishVille has now joined the increasing list of games that love to torture their players with building projects. And this one really takes the cake. After you go through all the begging it takes to get it built, all the treats are bought with sand dollars! Still, some people asked me for help with this one – so I unblocked FishVille long enough to bring it to you. 😛

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Mar 202010

This no longer works, sorry gang! ~The Facegamer
Here’s a little update for you today.There’s a lot going on in Fishville that I’m going to cover separately. For now, you can use the links below to send any of the aztec glyphs to your friends. I think they’re all ugly myself, but some people really go for them. I guess the clownfish one is kinda cute… I’m sure these links will stop working once they get rid of the Aztec themed stuff, so tag them while you can. I already missed out on the charms. I had a post ready to go for you all and then they took them out! Ah well! Continue reading »