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Feb 232012

There’s a new Hidden Object game in town! Blackwood and Bell by Playdom just came out yesterday, and I’m lucky that I found it so quickly.  I wonder if this is Playdom’s answer to Zynga’s obviously copycatting of Gardens of Time? Could be!

I won’t bore you with too many details. If you’re familiar with Gardens of Time, you’ll see that this new game is, for now, just a reskinning.  I expect it to take off in a slightly different direction though. At least, I hope it will.

So, add this game to your Hidden Objects game rotation. When you run out of energy in the others, give this one a shot. Here’s a couple things to you out.

First, a link to the game itself:  Blackwood and Bell Mysteries on Facebook

Now, a link that will show just Blackwood and Bell posts in your newsfeed. Very handy:  Blackwood and Bell Mysteries Newsfeed

Finally, the piece I’m most happy to share with you: An item map of the first room – The London Alley!

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