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May 282011

Hello everyone! It is my great pleasure to introduce an exciting new blog to The Facegamer family: The Citygamer! This new blog is for all those CityVille people out there, and is written and maintained by my husband, Terry.

A few weeks ago, I introduced him to CityVille because he was telling me how much he missed playing Sim City. “Try this game, ” I said. “There are no natural disasters to clean up after – but it’s still pretty fun!”  And so, he did.

He got so crazy interested in it, in fact, that he’s almost surpassed me in level – and I had a 60 level headstart! He frequently shouts down the hall to me: “I’ve almost caught up! Prepare to eat my dust!”

I know, he’s a bastage. But I love him. 🙂

His blog mainly focuses on news and tips for CityVille – and he hopes to build a community around it with people that will help one another get ahead in the game.  I may even pop in from time to time with one of my “easter eggs” (if ya know what I mean *wink wink*), as I find them.

He’s also got a goofy sense of humor that I hope you’ll appreciate as much as I do.

Here’s the link – head on over and say hi!

And “like” the Facebook Fan page to be kept abreast of new posts – he tries to post at least once a day!

The Citygamer Fan Page (Like it!)

By the way, that picture he posted and claims that it’s him – that’s not him. 😉

Thanks for reading ~ Have a great weekend!

Dec 052010

Once upon a time, there was a girl that liked to play Facebook games. This girl enjoyed just about every Facebook game, but when it came to city building games.. there was just no room in her heart. She tried Social City. She tried Towner. She tried Hello City, Super Fun Town, and Nano Towns. None of them could make her happy.

And then Zynga made CityVille. The girl saw the game and sighed. “Another boring city builder, I’m sure. But I should try it, because I can’t truly judge a game without experiencing it.”

And then the girl tried it. And was surprised! Continue reading »

Jun 172010

Hey gang, Crowdstar is giving away five free Facebook Credits for trying their latest game, Hello City. They’re very easy to get – all you have to do is run through the very short tutorial, and click on large “free facebook credit” icon when you see it.

The only caveat is that once you claim them, you may have to refresh your page before the game and/or Facebook acknowledges that you received them. Continue reading »