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Jul 222010

EDIT: This just isn’t working for everyone. I don’t know why. Worked for me. To get to the cork redeemer, click on “use” from the cork in the giftbox”. Assuming this works for you. If it didn’t.. sorry. :/ ~The Facegamer

Remember the Paris Bistro Cork game thing in My Vineyard? Where you had to collect corks as gifts and redeem them en masse for goodies? Even though it’s officially discontinued earlier this month, cork gifts still work. So here’s 10 of them. You can use them to finally get the things you thought you missed out on.

NOTE: Don’t tinker with the link URLs AT ALL. You run the risk of being unable to accept any more corks if you change the wrong thing. I learned it the hard way. Just follow the instructions as I’ve written them and you should be fine. Continue reading »

Apr 172010

New games are popping up on Facebook all the time, it seems. Here are a couple interesting ones to keep an eye on. Remember when you’re visiting them to keep in mind that they are still so new that they may feel incomplete. But there’s a lot of potential here!



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