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Oct 122011

Hi all my BFFs, and everyone else stuck with me!

As you may or may not know my wife is out on ‘holiday’.  I can’t say anymore then that, because she wants to tell you about it herself when she gets back (or so I believe), but this means I get to post for both my blog and hers.

For you guys and gals use to me this is normal, but for all Jackie’s fans this is like divine punishment.  You are now inflicted with what she gets everyday…me!

Mahahahaa!hahahaha!!  *cough hack* Bwahahaha  *wheeze*

Just kidding, just kidding!  Don’t hit the back button.  Stay with me now.   Because of the differences in our blogs I decided to make a humorous post in the hopes of giving everyone a good laugh.   I hope you find these as funny as I did. Continue reading »

Oct 042010

In this post I review Bush Whacker, Gummi Farm, Zen Garden, Lucky Train, and Home Sweet Home Online. I’m always on the look out for new Facebook games to try, especially when my favorite Zynga games are too buggy to play (all the time). There seems to be a new game out every day, but most of them are not mentioning. Recently, I find myself playing these games more often than any other. I hope you enjoy them too. Continue reading »

Jul 052010

This last weekend, Eclipse, the latest installment of the Twilight saga came out in movie theaters. Regardless of whether you like Twilight or if you’re more of a True Blood sort of vampire.. uh.. “fan”… there are plenty of vampire-themed games on Facebook to sate your appetite. Please note that most of these games contain blood and gore (well, yeah), and some of them have rough language. In case knowing that matters to you. No sparkley-skinned vampires in this lot! Continue reading »