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Jun 052010

I’m my never-ending quest to try every single game on Facebook, I have come across some real failures (social laundry folding game) and some real gems. The following games are fairly new to Facebook, being around two months old or less, and are really pretty good for how long they’ve been out. So, if you’re tired of all the buggy farm updates, sick of begging your friends for map fragments, andleveledall the recipes in your cookbook, consider giving some of these a shot. [fb-share]

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Apr 262010

Last week was a really good for new games – but I couldn’t help but notice that there was theme… MONSTERS! Rawr! And one is a farming game?? Check them out if you feel like something new! Please remember with new games that they are oftentimes a little buggy or light on features. These are no exception. But they’re still really cool. 🙂 Continue reading »

Apr 102010

(April 21st) PLEASE READ!-Game Scrubber is back in business, thanks to you and your support!
Hello everyone, I’d like to take a few minutes of your time to tell you about a tool that I use to help me make the most of the games I play. I have a lot of facegaming friends (not braggin’, just sayin’) and so my newsfeed is really cluttered with posts from all SORTS of games. Sometimes, I’ll just feel like playing one game, and I’m not interested in seeing the other feed posts. Facebook used to offer the ability to sort your feed, but they (very secretly) took that ability away. So what to do now? I use Game Scrubber. Continue reading »