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Sep 012010

Hi Gang, Some people have mentioned to me over the few months that they would love to have “official” The Facegamer gear, either to wear or have on their desks while they play their favorite Facebook games. Not one to disappoint, and partially motivated by the increased cost of this new hosting site (grumble, grumble) as well as some pressure from my hubby, I’ve put together a humble little shop on Zazzle which contains T-shirt designs, as well as hats, mugs, mousepads, and other fiddley bits for your wardrobe and desk.

Let me make it clear that you are under NO OBLIGATION to purchase anything from the store. The site will remain free for as long as I can afford it. But it’s there if you’d like to show your support. There’s some really cute designs there featuring The Facegaming Bunnies, drawn by a very talented artist named Rachel Birchnoff. You can find out more about her (as well as little ol’ me) on the About Page.

The Wandering Stallion design is one of my favorites. It seems to me that no one really talks about why the FarmVille stallion is so “grateful for your kindness”. Could it be that you locked him in a barn for the night with 19 or so friendly mares? I doubt it’s just because you gave him a place to sleep for the night, if you get my meaning. 😉

But check out the other designs too, if you have the time and inclination. They’re super cute! The nice thing about Zazzle is that if you see a design you like, but the item is the wrong size or color, you can fiddle with it on their site until its perfect.

So please head over there and take a look. And if you have any ideas for cute and funny new designs that have to do with Facebook games, please let me know. 🙂 It was really sort of fun putting the store together.

Please follow this link to The Facegamer Zazzle Store.

And thanks for reading my blog. I really appreciate it. 🙂

Jul 052010

This last weekend, Eclipse, the latest installment of the Twilight saga came out in movie theaters. Regardless of whether you like Twilight or if you’re more of a True Blood sort of vampire.. uh.. “fan”… there are plenty of vampire-themed games on Facebook to sate your appetite. Please note that most of these games contain blood and gore (well, yeah), and some of them have rough language. In case knowing that matters to you. No sparkley-skinned vampires in this lot! Continue reading »

Jun 072010

Here’s a humorous read for you. Apparently Zynga’s Farmville has made it to Time Magazine’s list of the 50 worst inventions. What is Farmville’s crime? It is a “bizarre digital addiction… (contributing to) many hours of lost productivity.”

Farmville is found among otherhorrible inventions such as Subprime Mortgages, Pop-up Advertisements, Kanye West Venetian-Blind Sunglasses, the Vibrating Ab Belt, Smell-o-vision, and Snuggies for Dogs. Continue reading »