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Jun 052010

I’m my never-ending quest to try every single game on Facebook, I have come across some real failures (social laundry folding game) and some real gems. The following games are fairly new to Facebook, being around two months old or less, and are really pretty good for how long they’ve been out. So, if you’re tired of all the buggy farm updates, sick of begging your friends for map fragments, andleveledall the recipes in your cookbook, consider giving some of these a shot. [fb-share]

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May 082010

Here’s another one. The Black Stallion is an “unreleased” item – which means that the actual graphic is in the FarmVille game – but Zynga hasn’t programmed anything for it yet. Various web sites, such as Farmville Freak, and Farmviller (just to name a few) give their viewers sneak peeks at unreleased things like this. And then, SCAMMERS take the graphics, and make scam pages to fool you, the gentle FarmVille player. Continue reading »

May 052010

It’s just breaking my little heart. I checked my newsfeed for fun stuff, and all I see are purple calf scam posts. I think I’ve lost my cool. I commented on every one I saw, warning the poster that it’s a scam. Just like I suggested everyone do in my last major anti-scam rant: The Golden Goose – How to give the New Scam “the bird”. After about 20 I gave up. I’m writing this now in the hopes that it’ll help slow down the spread of this stupid scam.

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