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Apr 272010

It kills me when I see people fall for the scams across Facebook. It really does. I know that people are just hopeful – and they don’t mean to be gullible. But I get irritated, the same as everyone else, when I get 20 scam group invites in my requests page, and my newsfeed is covered with this brand new type of scam that’s going around. Continue reading »

Apr 262010

Last week was a really good for new games – but I couldn’t help but notice that there was theme… MONSTERS! Rawr! And one is a farming game?? Check them out if you feel like something new! Please remember with new games that they are oftentimes a little buggy or light on features. These are no exception. But they’re still really cool. 🙂 Continue reading »

Apr 182010

I see this scam in some form every single day. They all claim to unlock a 66×66 farm so you’ll have more room for crops/decorations/animals. All you have to do is give away your vital information, such as a phone number, address, financial info, or your soul. Well, I’m sort of tired of *nicely* telling my friends that it’s a scam. So I’m writing this.

Here’s what a 66×66 farm WOULD look like, if it were real. Just seeing the sheer size of it should put you off. Select the small picture below for a LARGE picture. Continue reading »