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Jun 072011

Hey everyone! Players of Empires & Allies that are over level 14 or so should like this.  If you are lower than level 14, please skip this for now, and come back to it when you’re higher level.

Essentially, this is a page of ask-for links for metals. What you do is this: pick a metal that you need a lot of, or that you want to stock up on. Select the corresponding picture below, and then send requests to as many friends as it will allow.  Then, sit back and watch the metals roll in as you play. You will literally see when someone answers your request because a pop-up will show up at the bottom of the play window.. similar to this:


In this example, I asked for copper, and that is what I got!

So anyway, here are the links: Continue reading »

Jun 022011

What do you get when you cross CityVille and an old, beat up copy of Axis & Allies? Zynga’s newest game, Empires & Allies! Departing from their standard naming convention of ending everything with -ville, Zynga has decided to name this one with the latter half of a 32 year old board game. At this rate, we might expect further games from the Big Z to be named “Farm-opoly” (sequel to FarmVille) , “Suits & Ladders” (corporate management game – R.I.P. Ponzi) and “Hungry Hungry Corporation” (a game in which you control a bloated hippo of a mega-company, and gobble up as many good ideas, or marbles, from other games as you can.)

And actually, Empires & Allies is not so bad…. Continue reading »