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Farmville 2 – Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo (Quest info)

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May 152013


1 Important Information
2 Part 1 – The Buffalo Gate
3 Part 2 – The Quests
4 Part 3 – Making Soap

Important Information

Last night’s (5/14) FarmVille 2 update finds us helping Marie corral a new animal: the Dark Brown American Buffalo. (Which is really a Bison). The whole update centers around the building of a Buffalo Gate, which is just a decoration that has matching Buffalo Fence. The Buffalo Fence is nearly identical to the Split Rail Fence, except for a slightly different tint, oh, and the fact that each fence will run you 3 Cash.

Buffalo Fences vs Split Rail Fences in FarmVille 2 by Zynga

"Totally worth the real-cash cost..." said absolutely nobody.

There are three parts to this update. At the end, you will get one free baby buffalo, theoretically, at least. At the time of this writing, there seems to be a bug where either the buffalo and/or the buffalo gate is disappearing after finishing the gate. If you are having this problem, here is the link to Zynga’s Support topic: Missing Buffalo(Be sure to click the “Please fix” bandaid picture when you get there.)

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