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Jul 282010

You may not have heard of Exorcists Vs. Demons, or “EvD” to its fans, but let me just tell you: It’s one of those type of games where you wander in, stop…. and go “Wow.” I originally got sucked into it at the end of March, when a friend said to me, “Look at the artwork on this one!” That’s all it takes to hook me, I’m afraid.

Indeed, the artwork is sharp, but what keeps me there is the unique gameplay. It’s a Mission List type game like Mafia Wars (although Vampire Wars fans will be more likely to enjoy this one) but unlike Zynga Wars, this one has a truly enjoyable storyline. Complete with unlockable comic book pages. I love it when someone has a story to tell. Especially a funny one. Continue reading »

Jul 052010

This last weekend, Eclipse, the latest installment of the Twilight saga came out in movie theaters. Regardless of whether you like Twilight or if you’re more of a True Blood sort of vampire.. uh.. “fan”… there are plenty of vampire-themed games on Facebook to sate your appetite. Please note that most of these games contain blood and gore (well, yeah), and some of them have rough language. In case knowing that matters to you. No sparkley-skinned vampires in this lot! Continue reading »

Jun 272010

NOTE: Only SOME PEOPLE will be able to claim their Favor. I think it depends on how much Roller Coaster Cash you had. ~The Facegamer

I visited my Roller Coaster Kingdom yesterday, thinking I’d see what new fun stuff I had missed in the 3 months I hadn’t played. The picture below is what I saw.

If you can’t see the picture, it says:

“We regret to inform you that Roller Coaster Kingdom will be closing its doors on June 29th 2010. The new bloodthirsty managers who are taking over want the entire park for themselves! Someone should tell these boys to get lost!

Value park owners like yourself are eligible for a special bonus by checking out their favorite game, Vampire Wars.” Continue reading »