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Mar 272010

Facebook is FULL of Easter eggs this weekend! I myself noticed found them hiding in six different games, but there’s probably even more. Take a gander at this list. Ahh, to play Facebook or go play in the sun. Decisions, decisions.

Here they are, in no particular order: Continue reading »

Mar 242010

This SOLID-GOLD Sheep harvests for 10 FV! Put it in any animal’s stable and it’ll make another sheep JUST LIKE IT!! Sound too good to be true?!?!?! That’s because..*** IT IS!*** Every day, scammy fan pages are made – promising everything and delivering nothing. And even though it’s easy to blame the victims, and sometimes funny to pick on them, the ones that really should be blamed are the jerks that try to con you. If you read on, I will show you how to recognize a scam and take care of them. Continue reading »

Mar 212010

A few days ago, Zynga announced that they would allow players to gift Farmville-styled decorations in Cafe World. But only one a day for 10 days! Well, forget that- you can gift them all to your buddies right now! Click on any of the pictures below to take you to the gifting page and send them off. Your friends will love you for it… probably?

The buildings are about the size of a table – one square or so. I haven’t played with the animals or people.. but they’re probably one square large too. Continue reading »