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Jul 232014

So the day has finally come.  I admit that it lasted a little longer than I expected, but this day was honestly inevitable.  Yesterday, Zynga’s Cafe World finally closed its doors, much to the sadness of its remaining players.

Cafe World had a rich and diverse game with many, many things that a player could do – whether it was repeatedly cook a dish in order to master it, participate in multi-person catering jobs, decorate a cafe – it had something for everyone.  Maybe too much something because it was hard to participate in everything without needing to spend large amounts of real cash.  This was very frustrating on players, and contributed largely to its decline.

As with the closing of any game – those who “survive” its death have to face many complicated feelings, and even the Five Stages of Loss and Grief could be applied, even though “it’s just a game”.  These are some of the things I’ve heard around Facebook over the last few days:

Denial – “Surely it’s not closing because surely Big Viking Games (saviors of Yoville) or RockYou! (makers of Zoo World) will save it.”

Anger – “If Zynga closes Cafe World, I will never play another Zynga game again. Boycot Zynga!”

Bargaining – “Sign this Petition to save Cafe World!” (Even though it won’t make a difference!)

Depression – “I don’t know what I’m going to do without Cafe World. It was my only fun. :(”

and finally, Acceptance.

It’s on this final point that I wish to help.  Cafe World is not going to come back, so one option is to fill the void with another game, one more deserving of your attention.  There are numerous restaurant type games all over Facebook, and many of the developers are still humble enough to care about what you think of them.  One of the nice thing about supporting lesser-known games is that you can shape the change you wish to see by supporting them, either financially through in-game purchases, but ALSO by providing constructive feedback.  I urge you try them all and see what you enjoy the most.   If you know of a restaurant game that I’ve missed, please comment below and let everyone know.

In no particular order:

Tea 4 Friends

Tea 4 Friends

Tea 4 Friends:  This game has the basic concept of Cafe World – interior design and keeping food stocked.  The colorful and silly artwork makes for an interesting time-sink.

Play Tea 4 Friends by MetroGames by clicking HERE 




Nightclub City

Nightclub City

Nightclub City: Totally cute and fun game that is more about a nightclub than a restaurant.  Features real music that you can play for your guests to dance to. Have a posse, own multiple clubs around the world. Bounce poorly behaving characters (they drank too much juice. I swear it’s juice).

Play Nightclub City by clicking HERE





Cafe Mania

Cafe Mania

Cafe Mania:  This game is not in English, but Portugese. Despite that, with a little poking around, it’s easy to figure out that this game is a very advanced Cafe World clone, and very fun!  If this game had an english translation, I could easily see it becoming a very popular restaurant game.


Play Cafe Mania on Facebook by clicking HERE





Cafe Land

Cafe Land

Cafe Land: This seems to be the current favorite among ex CW players right now.  The developers seem engaging and open to ideas and criticism, which are definitely signs of a lasting game.  Definitely give it a look.


Play Cafe Land on Facebook by clicking HERE




Gourmet Ranch

Gourmet Ranch

Gourmet Ranch:  Personally, I’d play this to fill the void only because it has a lot of content to do, so it’s hard to really be bored, at least at first.  It has a restaurant component, but also a gardening/farming game where you have to gather up the ingredients you use to serve in your restaurant – similar to another Zynga cooking game that I won’t mention except to say that this one was around first.


Play Gourmet Ranch on Facebook by clicking HERE



Last time I wrote about cooking games, there were a lot more than these meager selection.  It saddens me to see so many games disappearing along side Cafe World, but unfortunately that’s the business.  There ARE a number of mobile cooking games.  I wasn’t sure if anyone’d be interested to hear about them, but if you are, please let me know in the comments!

Aug 252012


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2 How to Block Cafe World
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The Rant

Oh yes, I am definitely bitter. If you accuse me of it, I won’t deny it.

Just in case you haven’t gotten the memo, The Cafe World team at Zynga recently made changes to their gifting system which prevents helper websites such as this blog from working. I’m so very disappointed, as you probably are too if you used this or other helper websites to assist you with your goals.

I feel that this is probably the last nail in Cafe World’s coffin. And they nailed it there themselves. They will definitely lose players over this, and I know for a fact that some of them are paying customers.  I was one.  I bought the Unspoil Genie way back  when you could only buy it for $50 in Cafe Cash, and I’ve bought CC on occasion to help finish up  Multi-Stage Begfests, and to test some of their weirder features. I know there are others like me.

The game has seen steadily decreasing numbers, in terms of active users, for quite some time now. At the height of its popularity, CW boasted 30.5 million monthly active users (MAU). Now before I tell you where they are now, I want to say that Zynga has closed games when they dipped below 2 million MAU, such Dragon Wars and Roller Coaster Kingdom. According to AppData, a website that keeps track of the popularity of Social Games, Cafe World is currently at 2.6 million.  Let that sink in a bit. Continue reading »

Aug 182012

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A “Thank you!” to Paul,  Graycloak and everyone else on the forums and elsewhere who have contributed to this article…

ATTENTION CAFE WORLD PLAYERS: Due to changes Zynga/Cafe World made with their gifting system, the freebies found on this blog no longer work. It is completely out of my control, and not something I can fix. Believe me, I have TRIED. I encourage you to read about phentermine the other games that I write about on this blog. My apologies. I am disappointed too. If you want to read my rantings on this matter, you can see many on The Facegamer Fan Page. ~Jackie

Happy Weekend everyone!  Lisa Latte and Espresso Joe are back with another story – this time, it’s about their individual childhoods.  Who would have thought that Lisa was a goth punk rocker? Surely not me.  I could easily see Joe being a motorcycle enthusiast though.  My hubby tells me that all men love motors by default.  (Not sure about that, personally.)

This is one of those 12-day sets, with 3 goals unlocking every day.  You should be familiar with them by now.

At the time of this writing, They didn’t put all the goals in.  Figures.  I could only go as far as Day 3, Part 2. So as I find out more, I will edit this post with that information I can find.

Just to reiterate, expect this post to change (additions and subtractions) as I learn more.

If you are having trouble finding a certain item, search this page by pressing CTRL and F to bring up your browser’s “Find” function. Continue reading »