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Aug 072010

Yesterday, they released another buildable in Treasure Isle called the Tiki God statue. I haven’t finished building mine yet (I seem to be slow at building) but from what understand, it’s completed in stages. You collect a set of parts, complete it, and then it asks for more parts. When you’re done, the statue gives you various different gifts. Please let me know what you get with your completed Tiki God.

If you are unfamiliar with the term “gifter”, this is a page that allows you to gift certain things that you would otherwise not be able to. In this case, everyone is given 2 of the 5 parts to gift. With this, you can gift any of the 5 parts. Continue reading »

Jul 252010

I love pirate-themed stuff! (And I liked them way before Johnny Depp made them cool in Pirates of the Caribbean). The pirate ship in the Treasure Isle game actually works very similarly to any of the buildings in FrontierVille: First you have to place the construction site, and then “whack it” a couple times for 5 energy each. Once you’re done beating it up, the “finish” stage pops up, showing you how many of each part that you’ll need (and have so far). The parts sit around in your inventory, taking up part of your 250 gift limit, until you gather all of them at the same time. Once you have them all, you can press a single button and, Voila! Continue reading »

Jul 192010

Zynga definitely changed this so that you needed to have the toolbar installed to collect the starfruit. Fun while it lasted! Ooooh well :/
~The Facegamer

People that install Zynga’s Official Treasure Isle toolbar are able to collect a starfruit every 8 or so hours. But what about people that don’t have the toolbar because it doesn’t install to their browser of choice, such as Google Chrome (the one I use)? Worry not, the picture below should help you with your fruity needs! Continue reading »