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Jun 262010

Thanks for sharing: Sandy R., Treasuregrrl, Joseph L., Monica O., and B.R.

NOTE (July 4th): This was a limited-time offer and the offer is now over. Hope you got it in time. ~The Facegamer

Here’s that free Lava Pineapple. It’s 30 energy while in the volcano. I’m not sure where it comes from exactly. Possibly from an email or some sort of advertisement. It was shared with me by a lot of people, thanks gang! It is a ONE-TIME only deal. It is NOT repeatable daily. Continue reading »

Apr 202010

Here’s a way to GIFT all the gems in Treasure Isle, instead of the usual 2. You can also gift Overstuffed Treasure Chests from this page, and you can use the ASK-for-fruit feature too. I hope you find this useful.

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