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May 032010

NOTE (May 29th) While technically this still works, you can no longer take part in the event, so it’s useless. Hope you were able to use it while it was appropriate! ~The Facegamer.

This trick was originally shown to me by Connie T. Thanks! PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY!

NOTE: This trick works differently in different browsers, and takes a decent amount of computer understanding to make it work. If you can’t figure it out, show this to a friend that can help you or do it for you. I’ve tried it in Google Chrome and Firefox for PC, and it works ok. Internet Explorer wasn’t so easy to make happen. I have no idea if it’ll work on a mac.

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Mar 272010

Facebook is FULL of Easter eggs this weekend! I myself noticed found them hiding in six different games, but there’s probably even more. Take a gander at this list. Ahh, to play Facebook or go play in the sun. Decisions, decisions.

Here they are, in no particular order: Continue reading »

Mar 172010

40 Free Wildlife Points?NOTE: This was an article about the Wildlife Points that you recieved IN-GAME from ZOO WORLD, due to the changes they made to the breeding mastery on March 17th. This was not a post about an extra 40 points on top of that, and no one here ever claimed it to be. ~The Facegamer.
Today (March 17th) when you log into Zoo World, you will get this message:

“We just changed the Wildlife Point rewards for breeding mastery. This was done along with adding 10 new trophies to the game! That’s TEN new ways to get Wildlife Points: shaking trees, visiting friends, adopting animals, and more to come! Continue reading »