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Apr 142011
For Game: Zombie Lane, by Digital Chocolate
Difficulty: Medium
Requirements: *Need friends to help
*Ability to Cut & Paste
*Basic Understanding of URLs
*Ability to use a text editor such as Notepad, Word, TextEdit (on a Mac), etc.

Caveats: *Will probably be fixed by developer soon.
*See “Troubleshooting” at end of post if you need help

This trick is listed as Medium Difficulty because it takes a bit of prepwork, and a little teamwork. Please DO NOT attempt this if you do not understand all the requirements.

I’ve been playing this new zombie apocalype game, Zombie Lane, quite a bit lately. Been forgoing the FarmVille for something a little sillier, which I enjoy. Here’s a trick that I’ve found to help you get an advantage over the undead.

What you will be doing here is creating a link for your friends to click on. When they click on it, you will get a specific item, such as french fries (+20 energy) or a shotgun. Whatever it is that you want sent to you. There’s a list at the end of the article. Continue reading »