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Sep 012012

This is actually a very easy set of goals, and the reward is a Dough Freezer which gives out dough every 15 minutes as well as a “Pizza Counter”, which is not as awesome as it sounds.  For some reason, I got it into my head that the Pizza Counter would be a new stove for cooking pizza, but it is actually… just a counter.

See the pictures below to get an idea of what you’ll be getting.

The Dough Freezer is really very nice, and I am a bit envious of the newer players because of it. I’ve already mastered all the recipes that require dough, and I had to do it by cranking out the dough in the Mixer.  Seems like hundreds of dough, but it might have only been nearly 100 dough.  Lucky you.

I’ve never shared this tip before but I will now. If you visit a friend, harvest 1 item that you need, leave and come back, you can harvest the same item again for another chance at getting the ingredient.  Now that the dough freezer is in play, you can theoretically keep well stocked in Dough by visiting neighbors, harvesting and reharvesting their Dough Freezers.  Just keep it in mind. 😉


ChefVille – Bello’s Pizza Party #1 – Eye on the Pizza Pie

  • Craft 3 Batches of Dough – (Mixer – 2 min) 6 flour, 3 milk needed to make 3
  • Serve 3 Cheese Pizza – (Brick Oven – 4 min) 3 Mozzarella, 3 Dough needed to make 3
  • Place the Dough Freezer

Reward: 6 coin, 1 xp, 1 mozzarella
Extended Notes for #1: Now’s a good time to stock up on Dough, either by completing your Dough Freezer quickly or creating a ton of them in the Mixer. By quest three, you will need to turn in 8 dough, so stock up on ingredients while you have the time.

ChefVille – Bello’s Pizza Party #2 – The Big Freezer

  • Build Dough Freezer – See notes
  • Tend Dough Freezer 2 Times – 15 minute restock time
  • Collect 3 Milk – Can collect from friends

Reward: 8 coin, 1 XP, 1 flour
Extended Notes for #2: On this one, I collected 1 milk from friends and then tended 2 neighbor milk trucks to complete it. I didn’t have to wait the full 7 minutes for my own truck to restock. The Dough Freezer is one of the easiest things I’ve ever seen to build. It just needs two clicks on a post and two people to answer a request. You can wait to see who “likes” your post and then send the request to those same people.

ChefVille – Bello’s Pizza Party #3 – Party Prep

  • Tend 3 Neighbor’s Milk Truck – Or 1 neighbor’s truck three times 😛
  • Ask for 4 Tomato Colored Tablecloths
  • Give 8 Dough to Bello! – Ouch.

Reward: 10 coins, 1 XP, 1 Milk
Extended Notes for #3: That tricksy Bello asks you for most of your dough, and then in the next goal will make you cook 6 cheese pizzas. What a pain.

ChefVille – Bello’s Pizza Party #4 – Pizza, Pizza, Pizza

  • Visit 4 Neighbors – Or Visit the same neighbor 4 times.
  • Serve 6 Cheese Pizzas – (Brick Oven – 4 min) 6 Mozarella, 6 Dough needed for 6
  • Give 10 Chef’s Services with Cheese Pizza – Ugh!

Reward: 1 XP, 1 Mozzarella, Unlocked Pizza Counter in Market
Extended Notes for #4: The 10 Chef’s Service with Cheese Pizza task was probably the hardest of all. I only had 4 dishes out and it seemed like the Peeps hardly ever asked for it.


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  11 Responses to “ChefVille – Bello’s Pizza Party Guide”

  1. You must be very lucky. I rarely get ingredients when I visit neighbors.

    • i only get one customer at a time to serve, the the others freeze at the door.

      • Im having the same issue. Everyone is freezing at the door and im only having 2 or 3 people inside eating when i have 9 tables and is it me or is no customers asking for roses anymore????

      • I just eliminated the door…works wonders

    • yeah i rarely get ingredients when i visit.. it says you might get… and what is up with the meter at then end of the visit.. mine won’t go past the mark from the end.. one more visit and the ball should have been full.. but mine never gets to the full..

  2. Thanks! This guide is quite helpful. Since I read it I have started visiting neighbors in a cycle gathering the same item one time at each neighbor until I get the ingredient I am after. Very cool!

  3. Here an idea: before you go harvesting your items in your restaurant click on all your visitors and let them do it for you. Remember what ever they get you do to.

  4. After all the hub bub of Cafe World, I started playing ChefVille. I only have one goal left. Are there anymore? I’m starting to get bored. Wow, I never thought I would say that after all the 50 million goals of Cafe World!

  5. Game is slow and repetitious. Mastery stars are set extremely high, game continues to do nothing but cook/harvest cook/harvest cook/harvest cook/harvest
    Man this is boring. Game gets worse and worse as you level. I’m done. Mastery 119.

  6. I never received the bella pizza mission

  7. I’m new and could use help with this question. How do I know when my visitor energy is ready so that I can visit a neighbor. I understand the new ones but for the existing ones I go in and I have 0 energy. Is there something that shows on the neighbor’s section that all is ready and I can go in? Thnaks.

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