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Sep 082012

Another set of easy goals. Yay!  I can’t help but wonder what the purpose of these easy goals are. They made the recipes harder in a previous update, so maybe this is a way to balance it a bit?  I can’t say because I’m unfortunately so far along that my first mixer doesn’t get used much anymore, especially with the addition of the dough freezer.  So this pink mixer will also be unused in my kitchen.


ChefVille – Pink Mixer Goal #1 – Mixing Addition

  • Place and build the Pink Mixer – Easy to build
  • Cook 2 Calzones on the Brick Oven – 6 hours each
  • Craft 3 times on either mixer – perhaps build up your dough stockpile?

Reward: 1 XP, 10 Coin, and 2 wild onions
Extended Notes for #1: Don’t make too many tomato sauce at this point. You will have to make 5 in the next task, but you can only hold 9

ChefVille – Pink Mixer Goal #2 – Mixing Magic

  • Collect 9 Tomatoes –
  • Visit 4 neighbors – Any will do
  • Craft 5 Batches of tomato sauce

Reward: 1 XP, 10 Coin, and 1 garlic
Extended Notes for #2:

ChefVille – Pink Mixer Goal #3 – Maximum Mixing

  • Give 5 Chef’s Service to customer tables
  • Cook 2 times with Tomato Sauce – see notes
  • Get 4 Mixed Messages – ask friends via post

Reward: One-Hour Thymes x3
Extended Notes for #3: Dishes with Tomato Sauce: Chicken Parmesan on Skillet; Calzone, Cream Cheese Lasagna, Margherita Pizza on Brick Oven; Meatball Sandwich on Grill etc. Untested, but possibly BBQ sauce on the Western Sauce station




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  1. 112 stars and no Tomato Sauce Rack for me, what is going wrong? Neither the pink mixer!!! Can someone give some tips??? Thx

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