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Sep 122012

These goals are not so difficult, but they are very time consuming. You will find that every dish you have to cook is going to take 16 hours, which is quite a pain in the patootie, my opinion.  The reward is just a decoration though. So I would suggest merely building your tomato sauce rack and then taking your time through the remainder of the goals. The final reward is at the end of this post.


ChefVille – Tomato Sauce Goal #1 – Eat up to Warm up

  • Place the Tomato Sauce Rack
  • Craft 1 batch of tomato sauce on the Mixer – (5 min) 5 tomato and 4 onion
  • Cook one Meatball sandwich on the Grill – (16 hr) 5 Sirloin Beef, 1 tomato sauce

Reward: 10 coin, 1 xp, 2 tomatoes
Extended Notes for #1: While you’re waiting for that meatball sandwich, finish your rack and stock up on sauce. You will need quite a bit of it over the course of this series.
ChefVille – Tomato Sauce Goal #2 – Boiling Point

  • Build the Tomato Sauce Rack
  • Tend the Tomato Sauce Rack 2 times – 15 minutes wait time
  • Serve 1 Classic Tomato Soup from the Soup Station – (16 hr) 2 Tomato Sauce, 2 Mozzarella, 2 Mixed Greens

Reward: 20 coins, 3 xp, 4 mixed greens
Extended Notes for #2: Keep stocking up on sauce while you have the time.
ChefVille – Tomato Sauce Goal #3 – Supply Shortage

  • Tend 6 neighbor tomato plants
  • Get Warm Mittens from your friends
  • Cook 8 times with Tomato Sauce

Reward: 20 coins, 5 xp, 4 tomatoes
Extended Notes for #3: Some dishes that take tomato sauce are: Meatball Sandwich (16 hr,
grill); Chicken Parmesan (16 hr, skillet); Calzone (6hr, Brick Oven); Creamy Cheese
Lasagna (12 hr, Brick Oven); Margherita Pizza (16 hr, Brick Oven); Classic Tomato Soup
(16 hr, Soup Station); Barbeque Sauce (1 min, Western Sauce Station)
–I ended up cooking the Barbeque sauce over and over because I wanted to get it done fast. If you’re not in a hurry, just cook the long dishes. The reward at the end really isn’t worth rushing for.
–Also, make sure to keep your inventory of tomato sauce high. You will need a lot in the next goal.
ChefVille – Tomato Sauce Goal #4 – Classic Cold Cure

  • Visit 6 Neighbors – Or 1 neighbor 6 times. 😛
  • Cook 3 Classic Tomato Soup on the Soup Station – (16 hr) 2 Tomato Sauce, 2 Mozzarella, 2 Mixed Greens per soup
  • Give 12 Chef’s Service with Classic Tomato Soup

Reward: Copper Firepit, 5 XP, 15 Coins
Extended Notes for #4: This is the most time consuming, owing to the amount of time each soup takes, and the fact that you will have to sit there and watch each little peep in case they want soup.



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  19 Responses to “ChefVille – Tomato Sauce Rack quest guide”

  1. I like this page . when will I get my quest for the pink mixer?

    • Pink mixer quest is also on fanpage. press help button to go to fanpage good luck..

      • i can’t find the link for tomato sauce stand on the fan page. they only have the link for pink mixer 🙁

      • do pink mixer first then mine came after that..

      • im already done/got with my pink mixer the day it was released. but not tomato sauce stand 🙁 do you have the link for that one please? i tried clicking the pink mixer link today but it didn’t redirect me to get tomato sauce rack 🙁

    • What I found out from forums….

      The ChefVille game studio is slowly rolling out the Tomato Sauce quest to all of our chefs. They want to catch any issues that may arise before releasing it to everyone. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

  2. thanks for the post:) just out of curiosity, was there anything special you had to do to get these series of tasks to initiate? It seems all of my neighbors are busy doing these quests while I’m sitting around wondering whats going on…haha. (and i’m 123 mastery stars, i know most of my neighbors are below that)

    • The quest for the pink mixer and the sauce rack just appeared when I opened the Chefville game. Maybe it’s a rollout is the only reason i could think you haven’t received it yet.

    • Go the fanpage there is link there see if it helps start your two quests, fanpage is under help button gl.

  3. My rack never came…..i have 92 stars and all my missions stop comming…the only one i hve left is 119 star …which seem impossiable…what do i do?

    • Go to the fanpage and there is link there see if it will give you the quest….Fanpage is under help button….

  4. You do know that when you do the tasks to cook you can throw the dish away and still get credit.(as long as you have required ingredients) Good luck happy cooking….Only time you have to cook it fully is when it says serve the dish.

  5. 112 stars and no Tomato Sauce Rack for me, what is going wrong? Neither the pink mixer!!! Can someone give some tips??? Thx

  6. If you don’t want to wait for the long dishs to cook for the third portion of the goal and if you don’t have any short ones, here’s a tip. The 3rd goal only requires you to cook the dishes, not finish them. If you have extra ingedients and you don’t mind wasting some things just gather ingredients for any of them, cook the item that take tomato sauce, and than cancel the dish and repeat for your remaining dishes until you have that part of the goal completed.

  7. Wow – a firepit! All that effort for a useless decoration. just what er expect from zynga.

    Thanks for your work FG 🙂

  8. Where do I get mixed greens from? I need more to make my tomato soup and house salad??

    • Plant some sunflowers or other kind of flowers….go to the market and place your cursor on the plants, it shows up what it gives away!!!!!

  9. Does anyone know how to maintain the fruit tree green?

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