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Jun 172010

Hey gang, Crowdstar is giving away five free Facebook Credits for trying their latest game, Hello City. They’re very easy to get – all you have to do is run through the very short tutorial, and click on large “free facebook credit” icon when you see it.

The only caveat is that once you claim them, you may have to refresh your page before the game and/or Facebook acknowledges that you received them.

What makes this especially nice is that you don’t have to use the Facebook Credits in Hello City, if you don’t want to. They would, of course, like you to, and you should consider it. But you can use them in any game that accepts Facebook Credits, including other Crowdstar games such as Happy Pets, Happy Aquarium, and Zoo Paradise, or other games like Zoo World and Baking Life. By no means is that the complete list. That’s just what I can think of off the top of my head.

Some screenshots of what to expect: (Select any picture for a larger view)

Where to click

In-game verification

You may need to refresh the page to see your new balance.

Follow this link to go to Hello City…

The game itself is pretty new. I just started playing it myself. I do like how the buildings make a little noise when they’re ready, so I can have this game running in the background while I play other games. �How do you like it? Let everyone know in the comments below.

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  51 Responses to “Hello City – HELLO Free Facebook Credits!”

  1. Awesome, thanks!! It worked right away :o)

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    Please when can we swap coins for credits?
    as some of use is on limited incomes and use these games a therapy or as for me pain relief and finger exercise for arthritis.
    I need people or credits to expand why can’t we do it with coins?
    Hello city it’s a lovely simple relaxing game.

    I’ve had plug-in failure several times on Firefox. all I did was go to bookmarks and reload from master bookmark. as I’m on limited ram ancient laptop Firefox does crash if you run 2 or 3 games + face-book.
    at moment I play Farmville, social city, Cafe world, and Frontier-ville.
    This a list of the good bits.
    Cafe world gives a bonuses for playing (cooking) daily and will give credits.
    Social city also gives daily credit and coins.
    Frontier-ville gives Horseshoes for gaining levels and coins bar for picking up stuff quickly. And admits you can only pick up a certain amount and tell you when they are going to reset the counter.
    also they have a gift bar on my neighbour page and just found out if you gift from there it doesn’t count on your pick up counter and goes direct to your gift box.
    so help all of to player on an even field please

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    just thought i’ll add to the good list above
    the energy bar on afe and fronrier-ville is another good thing.
    also on Cafe world and Frontier-ville you can do daily tasks to gain XP to help you level up.
    Can we just get the Farmville bar working continuously. It keeps losing the harvest time counter. which is one of the best items on it.

  4. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  5. Thank you for all your hard work. I got the credits no problem and everything else you have given us. It can’t be easy posting all the links you do and I really appreciate it.

  6. can u get more then five credits if u keep on playing the game??

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    i just started playing today! it’s really cute!
    how about some treats for us hello city gamers here on the site? 😉
    keep on doing a great job with this site!

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    Hi, why cant i get my facebook credits?I played it for till lv3?Plz tell me how to get

  9. i went thru the tutorial, but i didnt get my 5 fb credits. did they stop doing thatt?

  10. need facebook credits

  11. When I load Hello City, It says Missing Plug In, What can I do about it??

  12. which tutorial?? please can u tell me ?/?

  13. hey damed.. i just cant find out the game man

  14. how do i play the game

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