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May 132011
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“Happy Friday the Thirteenth!  Here’s some black cats for your farm (town).  And speaking of cats and Friday the 13th… when I was growing up, my family was a bit of a superstitious sort when it came to this day. My parents gave us permission to stay home from school on those days, although we couldn’t really do much except cower in our rooms and read or watch television. So, on one particular Friday the 13th, we were all home cowering as normal. It was a hot day, so the front door was open, but the screen door was closed and locked.   I remember also that it sounded like there were babies crying outside. It was just a wierd sort of day. Wierder than my normal days, even.

After a time, there came a rattle from the screen door. Rattle rattle, rattle rattle. No one wanted to look at what was causing it. Eventually I walked up to it and found that there was a white kitten stuck to the screen. It was dirty and emaciated.. and it seemed like it had been chased up there.

So we brought her in, cleaned her up and fed her. We didn’t have any pets so she got a can of tuna and a ball of yarn. She was just the sweetest little thing, once she got over the jitters. And she eventually became a member of our family.

Cute story, huh? Do you have a story about Friday the 13th? Please share it in the comments below. Have a spooky day!

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  7 Responses to “Farm Town – Black Cats”

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    Not exactly a friday the 13th story but a black cat story. I have had two very special black cats. My current is named Mook. I rescued her and two of her sisters when someone threw them out at time to be weened. I was a recent widow raising two boys so that was a kitty for each of us. I chose the black kitty as mine and she bonded exactly with me. She is my special baby!

    • i have a tuxdo cat who was pushed out of the nest too, he is lot of company but i have copd and he has moved over with my husband now, he does not like my coughing. he is inside only , he is afarid of the grass.

  2. I was married on a Friday the 13th. I feel now that it is a lucky day. It was certainly lucky for that little white kitty.

  3. My story is,,,, Once upon a time a guy and a girl met and became very good friends. They both traveled their own paths searching for the perfect match. They were always there for each other when love turned out not to be. Eventually the searching became less frequent and the time spent together with each other increased. Until one day they realized that in all the time they looked elsewhere, their perfect match was right in front of them. They were married on Friday the 13th and 17 years later they continue to be the best of friends. <3

  4. Well that little white kitten should have taught you. LOL! In many cultures, 13 is considered a lucky number and in the UK, Black Cats are considered lucky.

  5. Cute story, any animal story is cute to me…no stories, not so superstitous about Friday, the 13th.

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    My cat has been missing this last weekend, he is very special to me so I was very worried. I contacted the local Animal’s Shelter this morning and they informed me that a cat answering my description had been handed in after being ‘slightly injured’ in a road accident. I got straight on to the veterinary hospital where they had sent him and sure enough, it was my darling Dexter. He had been hit by a car on Friday 13th… he had massive head trauma and lost his sight, but his sight has since returned. They didn’t expect him to make it but he is rallying now. He has a smashed jaw which they have wired and they want me to bring him home tomorrow. He is still very ‘spaced out’, it’s like he is on another planet, so confused and traumatised, bless him. He was one year old last week, so let’s hope he makes a full recovery.

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