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Jul 142010
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This page was last updated on Septenber 12th, 2015.
🙂 If you are having problems collecting gifts, please read the FG Mart FAQ for everything I know regarding troubleshooting. If you like the FG Mart, please share this with your other Farm Town friends. It really helps me out when you help others. Thank you ~The Facegamer

Here’s a bunch of blueberries for you, since a lot of people asked for them. Also, just wanted to remind everyone that I can’t make links for olive oil, cheese or onions. The cheese problem can be partially solved by having a dairy on each of your farms. You can’t put two on the same farm, but one on each should really help with your cheese dilemma. Unless, of course, you’re putting cheese-needing facilities on each of your farms too. 😛

1) Select a picture. A new window will open and your gift will be accepted.
2) Close that window, come back here and select another one.
3) Share this page with your friends!
You can come back every 24 hours or so and collect them again. After a while though, they’ll start to dry up. I’ll try and update them every so often, but if you can’t wait for me – definitely visit the FT groups listed at the bottom of the FG Mart page. 🙂

01Blueberries 02Blueberries 03Blueberries 04Blueberries 05Blueberries 06Blueberries
07Blueberries 08Blueberries 09Blueberries 10Blueberries 11Blueberries 12Blueberries
13Blueberries 14Blueberries 15Blueberries 16Blueberries 17Blueberries 18Blueberries
19Blueberries 20Blueberries 21Blueberries 22Blueberries 23Blueberries 24Blueberries
25Blueberries 26Blueberries 27Blueberries 28Blueberries 29Blueberries 30Blueberries


32Blueberries 33Blueberries 34Blueberries 35Blueberries 36Blueberries

Links are updated once a week or so. Last updated: September 12, 2015. 

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  109 Responses to “Farm Town – Blue for Blueberries”

  1. Thanks so much! Good job!!

  2. still unable 2 get any gifts is there anything else i can do pls

    • please please help me i still cannot get my fee gifts, and dont no how2 clear the cache can u tell me easier way please as i not very good on this thank u

  3. R5, C4 (#28) glitched. All of the other Blueberries were delicious! TYVVVVVVVM

  4. avatar

    thank you, like what you have done. you are such a hard worker.

  5. Same thing happened here I got the first two or three blueberries and then nothing else. Is it me?

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    Just want to thank you so much for what you are doing!!! You are awesome!!!!!

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    thank you so much i love my farm town game cant wate for more filds your help is just great could not do with out you im lvl 185 please give us our new lvl ding see what it would i also want more fild would be nice to have one just to make look like real we need trains and tracks and bendy roads
    trains to transport goods ,would also be good to have little people siting on seats like out side bank ext
    in sivey colthes not like our work jeans and bakery need corinish pastys
    and pulm pie , and at christmas please can we have chirstmas cake .

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    Jackie, thanks for all of your hard work. I couldn’t play Farm Town without your assistance. As an FYI, despite your updating earlier today, only 24 of the blueberry links worked, and only 31 of the chocolate links worked. Not sure what the problem is, but just wanted you to know in case there is something you need to investigate. With deepest gratitude, Susan

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    All 36 or your tomato links are Blueberries, not tomatoes. Today is 4/4/11

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      I mad a mistake. It is not the Potato link, it is the Strawberries that are actually Blueberries

  10. hey you great for doing this. And Im sure I don’t for only me. This is wonderful and so helpful. Do you think you could add onions to this? That would be awsome. And if not Thank-you for the things that you do. Its so helpful. thanx , Annie

  11. Thanks a bunch x

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    I need neighbours plzz feel free to add me

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    The work that is done on this website is amazing. I really appreciate everything you do for us on farmtown.. We couldn’t do it without you.. Thank you again

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    thank you for the fruit,the best store and the theppest.

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