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Sep 302011

Just wanted to let you know that the Big Friday FG Mart update is complete for 9/30/2011. Also, please visit The Facegamer Farm Town forums by following this link. There you can share your harvest and mastery bonuses with other people, if you so choose.

The FG Mart links are updated every Friday. If you are having problems collecting, there is some information that might help you at the FG Mart FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

If you’re not seeing the updated pages (they will say “Last updated: September 30, 2011” under the table of freebies).. you will probably need to clear your computer’s cache. There are instructions on the FG Mart FAQ.

Again, here are the links you may need:

Farm Town FG Mart

FG Mart FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The Facegamer Forums


FG Mart  – Farm Town One-Stop Shop

FG Mart FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Farm Town on The Facegamer Forums

Enjoy, and share with your friends!

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  11 Responses to “Farm Town – Friday Update Complete for September 30, 2011”

  1. Thank you for all you do keeping this sight up

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  3. Farm Town is a better place thanks for your efforts

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    Need 25 farm friends!!! Plz help!

  5. You are simply a life saver. Try to be self-sufficient but fall short so much of the time. Thanks for all you do – may God bless you for your kindness to us-ward.

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    Thank you for all you do for us 🙂

  7. merci pour ces cadeaux

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    how i can get free tools love my gam

  9. how i can have rfree tools

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    need free tools and more frieds for farm town pls help!!!

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