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May 222010
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This page was last updated on Septenber 12th, 2015.
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Wow, a new taco stand in Farm Town? They’re really knocking out the new content, aren’t they? I wasn’t even paying much attention until a couple of facegamers told me about it. I’m so easily influenced – now that I’m done with this post, I’m craving tacos. TACOS!

1) Select a picture. A new window will open and your gift will be accepted.
2) Close that window, come back here and select another one.
3) Share this page with your friends!
You can come back every 24 hours or so and collect them again. After a while though, they’ll start to dry up. I’ll try and update them every so often, but if you can’t wait for me – definitely visit the FT groups listed at the bottom of the FG Mart page. 🙂

01Meat 02Meat 03Meat 04Meat 05Meat 06Meat
07Meat 08Meat 09Meat 10Meat 11Meat 12Meat
13Meat 14Meat 15Meat 16Meat 17Meat 18Meat
19Meat 20Meat 21Meat 22Meat 23Meat 24Meat
25Meat 26Meat 27Meat 28Meat 29Meat 30Meat
31Meat 32Meat 33Meat 34Meat 35Meat 36Meat
37Meat 38Meat 39Meat 40Meat 41Meat 42Meat
43Meat 44Meat 45Meat 46Meat 47Meat 48Meat
49Meat 50Meat 51Meat 52Meat 53Meat 54Meat
55Meat 56Meat 57Meat 58Meat 59Meat 60Meat
61Meat 62Meat 63Meat 64Meat 65Meat 66Meat
67Meat 68Meat 69Meat 70Meat 71Meat 72Meat

Links are updated once a week or so. Last updated: September 12, 2015. 

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  254 Responses to “Farm Town – Meat and Chicken for your Tacos”

  1. avatar

    Wonderful site. Helps with my production a lot.

  2. avatar

    Absolutely love this place. Sometimes something doesn’t come through for me but who cares….it’s free!!!!!

  3. Thank you xxoo

  4. thank youi get my taco facilities work

  5. great site, and great graphics, but it’s a little time consuming to accept gifts one at a time!! why can’t you make it so we get multiple gifts in just ONE click??

  6. avatar

    Thanks so much for everything. Was really happy to see the Becel advert. Got some great recipes, love the green beans idea. Now have good way to cook what I produce, lol. Sure miss the Tuesday touch-ups, but know you can’t do it. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs!!!!

  7. avatar

    THANK YOUfor the meat ,chiken,salami,i will cook tonight,thank you so much.

  8. avatar

    Love you Gamer you are that best i have toll u befor,i will tell many times thank you,thank you.

  9. avatar

    thank you my restaurants they wwher almost emty ,thank you so much.

  10. avatar

    dec.26 thank you , i shop again, i have some trees,meet,i ty. have a wonderful day.

  11. IM having trouble getting gifts from one-stop shop and farmtowngift how can i fix this promblem and get free gifts for storrage? ty

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