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Apr 152011
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So here we are, April 15th. The dreaded Tax Day deadline when everyone’s feeling the extra pinch on their wallets. Well, I’ve been saving this one as a special treat, just for today. I wish you wealth, but since I can’t give you any.. have these money trees instead.
These are just decorations. They don’t do anything special, as much as we’d like them to.. but they are pretty in their own right.  I hope you enjoy them.
Also, I won’t be able to update this page more than once or twice, because they’re impossible to get anymore.

1) Select a picture. A new window will open and your gift will be accepted.
2) Close that window, come back here and select another one.
3) Share this page with your friends!
You can come back every 24 hours or so and collect them again. After a while though, they’ll start to dry up. I’ll try and update them every so often, but if you can’t wait for me – definitely visit the FT groups listed at the bottom of the FG Mart page. 🙂

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  25 Responses to “Farm Town – Money Trees!”

  1. I lost my whole farm when I upgraded my mac! So frustrating starting all over, particularly since I had thirteen farms. Would not even consider it if it weren’t for you.. Thanks

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