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Aug 182010
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This page was last updated on Septenber 12th, 2015.
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Here’s a pile of piggies for you. Apparently their leavings are now valuable in Farm Town, but you should know that this particular new feature is not without a cost. In order to use the pig manure on your farm, you need two things: a pigsty (which costs 50,000 coins), and a manure spreader (which costs 50 farm cash). I personally thing that 50 farm cash is unreasonable, since the majority of the other buildings cost much less. Oh well, what can ya do? That’ll run you about $9 US if you decide to purchase it. I don’t think I’ll do it, but if you do, please let me (and everyone else here) know how you like it.

1) Select a picture. A new window will open and your gift will be accepted.
2) Close that window, come back here and select another one.
3) Share this page with your friends!
You can come back every 24 hours or so and collect them again. After a while though, they’ll start to dry up. I’ll try and update them every so often, but if you can’t wait for me – definitely visit the FT groups listed at the bottom of the FG Mart page. 🙂

01Piggies.. Oink! 02Piggies.. Oink! 03Piggies.. Oink! 04Piggies.. Oink! 05Piggies.. Oink!
06Piggies.. Oink! 07Piggies.. Oink! 08Piggies.. Oink! 09Piggies.. Oink! 10Piggies.. Oink!
11Piggies.. Oink! 12Piggies.. Oink! 13Piggies.. Oink! 14Piggies.. Oink! 15Piggies.. Oink!
16Piggies.. Oink! 17Piggies.. Oink! 18Piggies.. Oink! 19Piggies.. Oink! 20Piggies.. Oink!

21Piggies.. Oink!

22Piggies.. Oink! 23Piggies.. Oink! 24Piggies.. Oink! 25Piggies.. Oink!

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  179 Responses to “Farm Town – Piggies!”

  1. with the spreader how many pigs do you need for it to work???

  2. I really like the manure spreader, it’s worth the farm cash…you get 1 farm cash per level so it’s 50 levels worth, but I refuse to pay for game items. 😉
    I love your site, it is amazingly helpful!

  3. I recently bought a giftcard at Walmart and can’t figure out how to redeem it in Farm town. Does anyone know? If you go to Farm cash it just wants a credit card. If you go to other there aren’t any options for a Zynga gift card. I hope I didn’t waste twenty bucks!!

  4. i bought this manure spreader awhile ago, and let me tell ya, i love this thing!!!! first, its hilarious to watch manure raining down on the farm whe u use it, and it is totally awesome to have the double harvest from it. i even “invested” and bought the spreader upgrade, which is outstanding, because it doubles my trees, fruits and logs. i dont even have that many pigs, but the manure sure goes a very long way!!! between 3 farms, i have about 200 pigs, and i’ve got so much stored up i could fertilize all 9 farms every day for a month and not need to harvest more manure!!! thanks so much for all you do, i love this site and recommend you to all my friends!!

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    Thank you very much for keeping this place open for us. Finding a person that keeps this place for us to come and takes the time to maintain it is comforting. Love the place and have come several times and will keep comming for all my gifts. I also agree with the people about the manure spreader and the upgrade. I do not like to spend money in this games but this 2 are worth the money you spend. Love the place. Thanks again dear :-))

  6. After reading all the comments I just gotta get myself a manure spreader! Thanks for the oinkers… x

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    Are you having trobule sending my trees, coats and pigs, try please to send theme thank you,

  8. how can i get fre farm dollars

  9. great thing. thank you

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