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Oct 292010
For more free stuff, visit the FG Mart – Farm Town One-Stop Shop

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January 7th, 2011- Internet Explorer users are advised to switch to a different browser if you are having issues collecting gifts from the FG Mart. I recently sat down with a number of readers individually to troubleshoot problems. Most were solved by switching to a different browser, and  many more were solved from clearing your cache. Even if you think you cleared your cache, try it a second time. Please read the FG Mart FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for more information.~The Facegamer

Here’s the 5 pumpkin decorations for your Farm Town. I will only be able to update this for as long as I have spare links to share. Probably until a few weeks past when the developers take them off the free gift list. Enjoy, and happy Halloween!

1) Select a picture. A new window will open and your gift will be accepted.
2) Close that window, come back here and select another one.

You can come back every 24 hours or so and collect them again. After a while though, they’ll start to dry up. I’ll try and update them every so often, but if you can’t wait for me – definitely visit the FT groups listed at the bottom of the FG Mart page. 🙂 Share this page with your friends!

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This page was last updated October 14th, 2011. Updating of this page is seasonal.


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  21 Responses to “Farm Town – Pumpkin Patch”

  1. Thank you for all you do for us addicted to Farm Town!

  2. A great big thank you for your sharing!

  3. I love Farm Town. I have 6 farms and love keeping them up. Mostly by decorating. I love FaceGamer. It is a lifesaver in so many ways. Hooray for the person who does all this work for us.

  4. thank you, am building quite a goulish party at my beach at fairport…kay kucsma

  5. avatar

    needs more stuff…. like one of everything lol

  6. i need more stuff

  7. can u tell me if u will put up Colorful Stone Fence for farm town…. or do we just have to try to get them on our own… im just wondering about this… and i want to send u a BIG THANK YOU for all the work u do on here for us all thanks so much… terry

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  9. mandemes gasolina por favor

  10. hi, great job
    thanks for all the work and effort you put torwards helping all your fans
    If anyone will help me by adding me as a friend -rather a neighbor I will gladly appreciate it
    I need to expand and can not without your help
    thank you everyone
    have a nice day

  11. I need tomato sauce for my pasta restaurant. Can you add that?!?!?!

  12. hi! I am trying to layer my farm on farm town can you help me

  13. I wish there were some way I could get my hands on some more cemetery markers. I know to most it is morbid. But I like to dedicate a small section to my family members on my farm. Any suggestions?

    • See if you can find links to the old Halloween gifts. This way you can get more. Check out the FT groups listed at the bottome of the Farm Town home page here on face gamer.


  15. kiciera saber como puedo enviarme animales a mi granja alguien me puede ayudar

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