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Oct 062011

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Hey dudes and dudettes this is Willow with your update for the Apple Bobbing Quest in 6 Parts. Please feel free to use this list to help you plan out how to best tackle this series. For example, while you’re waiting for your apple trees to mature in Quest #1, you can start planting the squash for quest #2 which takes 2 days to mature, etc. We hope these are helpful to you. 🙂 Please share this with your friends if it is!  


Apple Bobbing Quest 1

  • *Get 6 Apple Basket (that you post or get off the feed. You can post every 5 hours)
  • *Place a white orchard
  • *Harvest 5 Apple Trees…these can be single or in a orchard and any kind of apple will do. You know the saying…apple a day.

QUEST 1 REWARDS: 100 XP, 1 Apple Ticket, 1 Apple Cart, 1 Log, and 1,000 Coins


Apple Bobbing Quest 2

  • *Get 6 Blue Ribbons (again you post or get off the feed)
  • *Harvest 25 Pumpkins…8 hour crop
  • *Harvest 25 Squash…2 day crop

QUEST 2 REWARDS: 100 XP, 1 Apple Ticket, 1 Honeycrips Apple Tree, and 1,000 Coins


Apple Bobbing Quest 3

  • *Get 5 Horsehead Rakes (Post or off the feed)
  • *Harvest 50 Strawberries which is a 4 hour crop.
  • *Place 1 Honeycrisp Apple Tree….sure hope they will have this in the Market for us.

QUEST 3 REWARDS: 100 XP, 1 Apple Ticket, 1 Pig with Apple, and 1,000 Coins


Apple Bobbing Quest 4

  • *Get 6 Romantic Centerpieces (Post or get off the feed)
  • *Harvest 1 White Orchard
  • *Harvest 5 Cows….hope we can do these single or in cow pen…but not sure.

QUEST 4 REWARDS: 300 XP, 3 Apple Tickets, 1 Apple Covered Sheep, and 3,000 Coins


Apple Bobbing Quest 5

  • *Get 6 Horse Combs (Post or off the feed)
  • *Harvest 10 Horses – again I hope these are single or paddock….they don’t say, but it should be any horse.
  • *Harvest 100 Fruit- Raspberry is only 2 hour and there are 4,6….whatever fits in your schedule.

QUEST 5 REWARDS: 300 XP, 1 Apple Tickets, 1 Apple Costume Chicken, and 3,000 Coins


Apple Bobbing Quest 6

  • *Get 6 Popcorn Machines – Post or get off the feed
  • *Harvest 100 Vegetables…your choice but pumpkins only take 8 hours.
  • *Harvest 1 White Orchard.

QUEST 6 REWARDS: 300 XP, 3 Apple Tickets, 1 Apple Horse, and 3,000 Coins


I did notice that this quest is on all 3 farms…Home, English Countryside and the Cove. What I can tell you is I harvest my apples from the home farm(they are in a white orchard pen) and did the rest on the EC side. Make it easy on yourself and we are always here to help if you have any questions.  If you have any tips of you own for getting through these quests, feel free to comment in the section below.
Good luck and have fun!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN….BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!


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  14 Responses to “FarmVille – Apple Bobbing Quest Guide”

  1. I harvested the Orchards (not white) on the Cove Farm and got credit.

  2. what is a white orchard?

  3. avatar

    So where’s the frigging tree?

  4. How do I get farm cash, without paying for it? I cannot afford to do that. I have over $3,000,000. is coins but 1 in farm cash, I don’t know how I got it or how to get more. I would rally like to advance/go further, but no fam cash prevents me from doing that.

    • You get the farm cash when you increase levels. Not sure how many dont really take much notice.

    • avatar

      cheryl another way to get fv cash is to check the bottom of your fv page when you go to your farm. it’s not often but, at times they have a clip to watch, when you finish watching it, somewhere within the box should tell you you earned your cash. close the box and refresh your page and the fv cash should be there.

  5. necesito animales raros ke hago , necesito farm cash para ampliar y no tengo tarjeta ke hago ?

  6. avatar

    I finished the first quest in apple bobbing but the 2nd quest hasn’t appeared. Why? Just got the Duckula quest & started by placing the land. Is there a way for me to get the 2nd apple bobbing quest?

  7. I have enough bushels of stuff to make the fruit cider but don’t know where or how to make it? Do I need a special thing to do it?? The quests are getting so challanging … not so much fun when you need 10 of everything to complete … seems I always fall short before the quest ends! 🙁

  8. avatar

    Bobbing for Apples tasks…..I need hose combs and I have been trying to get help from my neighbors, but when I try and ask for help it doesn’t post, so what do I do? Can’t complete my task….

  9. avatar

    Same here for the Horse Combs, been trying for a week now and only 3 days left to finish it. Also, the castle candy same way.
    It does not post when I ask friends for help. Everything else post except those..

  10. how do i delete the appel barrow?

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