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Sep 242012

These goals go from September 24th, 2012 until October 1st, 2012. (or so)

Welcome to the full release of the new Haunted Hallows farm.  People who didn’t pay for early access start on these Chapter 2 quests, instead of Chapter 1.

  • If you haven’t read my previous guide, there’s some things you should know about this new farm.
  • There’s no limit to the amount of plots you can place – so shove as many in there as you can, if you want!
  • There’s no specialty coin like there was in Hawaii (coconuts) and Jade  Falls (jade).
  • There are TONS of immovable tombstones that you will need to clear, so gather up as many picks and mallets as you can.
  • There’s no water. Thank goodness.
Overall I find this farm a lot less annoying than the previous.. well, 4. And it’s Halloween themed, which is my favorite time of year!

Now before you do anything on your farm, have a look at the quest guide below.  You should take whatever shortcut you can since you only have about a week to do these. You should stock up on sugar cane bushels because you will need to make 4 nightshade sherbet: 2 in quest #1 and 2 more in quest #5.

Build a Monster Lab and consider building a Zoo as well.  The Spiny Plant Monster you recieve after completing #1 will need to be harvested 5 times by quest #6

Other than that, have a look at the information below and plant ahead accordingly.

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Ask for: Quest Details: Reward:
 FarmVille – Haunted Hallow Chapter 2 #1 – Lending a Careful Hand

  • Get 6 Steel Garden Gloves – Post to ask Neighbors
  • Harvest 20 Sage – 1 day grow time
  • Make 2 Nightshade Sherbet – 1-star Potion Shop: Bushels needed (for 2): Zombies x4, Tombstones x4, Sugar Cane x4
Rewards: 150XP, 3000 Coins, and Spiny Plant Monster
 Spiny Plant Monster
 FarmVille – Haunted Hallow Chapter 2 #2 – Exotic Aquatics

  • Get 8 Plant Monster Pads – Post to ask Neighbors
  • Harvest 30 Tombstones – 8 hour grow time
  • Vote on 1 Picture 
Rewards: 200XP, 3500 Coins, and Plant Monster Pond
 Plant Monster Pond
 FarmVille – Haunted Hallow Chapter 2 #3 – This is fun but…

  • Get 8 Nightshade Sundaes – Post to ask Neighbors
  • Harvest 40 Zombies – 12 hour grow time
  • Complete Monster Lab – 
Rewards: 250XP, 4000 Coins, and Nightshade Dragon
 Nightshade Dragon
 FarmVille – Haunted Hallow Chapter 2 #4 – Fungal Forestry

  • Get 8 Freaky Fungy – Post to ask Neighbors
  • Harvest 50 more Zombies – 12 hour grow time
  • Improve Haunted Mansion to Stage 2 – 
Rewards: 300XP, 4500 Coins, and Nightshroom Forest
 Nightshroom Forest
 FarmVille – Haunted Hallow Chapter 2 #5 – Seed Before Sunrise

  • Get 9 Vampire Bulbs – Post to ask Neighbors
  • Harvest 60 Sage – 1 day grow time
  • Make Nightshade Sherbet 2 times – 1-star Potion Shop: Bushels needed (for 2): Zombies x4, Tombstones x4, Sugar Cane x4
Rewards: 350XP, 5000 Coins, and Vampire Tree
 Vampire Tree
 FarmVille – Haunted Hallow Chapter 2 #6 – Wiggle Weed

  • Get 10 Wiggle Weeds – Post to ask Neighbors
  • Harvest 70 Jack O lanterns – 8 hour grow time
  • Master Spiny Monster to 1-star – 5 harvests – move from 1 ready Zoo or Monster Lab to another to quicken time
Rewards: 400XP, 5500 Coins, and Topiary Horse
 Topiary Horse


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    i like thease games

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    I`m not sure where to send this…..seems like FV have removed any possibilities to contact them.
    Seems like a lot of spam is being sending around now.
    Keep getting on my profile, things/gifts that dont work….from friends, and they have not sent anything to my profile.
    I also get too many requests about other games on the gift-side, from games that I have already abandoned.
    A lot of my friends that is not playing the game…is on my gift-list, and its no possibility to remove them!
    Dont know if I want to play this game anymore….

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