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Oct 022012

These goals go from October 1st, 2012 until October 8th, 2012. (or so)

Have I mentioned yet that Halloween is my favorite time of the year?  Yes? Oh.  Well, I’m saying it again! Halloween is my favorite time of the year! And because of that, I’m quite happy that the newest FarmVille farm is Halloween themed!

Now before you do anything on your farm, have a look at the quest guide below.  You should take whatever shortcut you can since you only have about a week to do these.

Some tips:

  • You should stock up on these bushels:
    • red tulip (4 needed for Witch Brew – quest 1)
    • sugar cane (4 needed for nightshade sherbet – quest 3) and
    • wheat (6 needed for Pumpkin Pie – quest 5).
  • You will need to build a Spooky Stable by quest 2.  I would suggest a Zoo as well for your imp if you have the room.
  • The first expansion, 14×14 is available now for 10,000 coin. I would strongly suggest picking that up.
  • The Imp you get in quest 1 will need to be harvested 5 times.  You can do that in a Zoo.  If you have multiple zoos on a different farm, you can do it there, but be aware that you can’t get the Imp back to the Halloween Farm unless you get another one in a mystery zoo baby bundle. (The imp makes rare blue bundles)
  • You will need the Mansion at level 3, but you should be done with that already, or at least close.

Other than that, have a look at the information below and plant ahead accordingly.

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Ask for: Quest Details: Reward:
 FarmVille – Haunted Hallow Chapter 3 #1 – Summoning Servants

  • Get 6 Graveyard Wind Chimes – Post to ask Neighbors
  • Harvest 35 Tombstones – 8 hour grow time
  • Make 2 Witch’s Brew – 1-star Potion Shop: Bushels needed (for 2): Ghoul Garlic x2, Sage x2, Red Tulip x4
Rewards: 150XP, 3000 Coins, and Imp
 FarmVille – Haunted Hallow Chapter 3 #2 – Assemble the Apothecary

  • Get 10 Witch Fires – Post to ask Neighbors
  • Harvest 50 Tombstones – 8 hour grow time
  • Complete 1 Spooky Paddock – Logs, Saddles and Bridles
Rewards: 200XP, 3500 Coins, and Apothecarium
 FarmVille – Haunted Hallow Chapter 3 #3 – Aged to Perfection

  • Get 10 Night Herb Vials – Post to ask Neighbors
  • Harvest 70 Sage – 1 day (23 hour) grow time
  • Make 2 Nightshade Sherbet – 1-star Potion Shop: Bushels needed(for 2): Zombies x4, Tombstones x4, Sugar Cane x4
Rewards: 250XP, 4000 Coins, and Alchemist Gnome
 Alchemist Gnome
 FarmVille – Haunted Hallow Chapter 3 #4 – Beware of Toad

  • Get 10 Toad Wax – Post to ask Neighbors
  • Harvest 100 Green Toadstool – 12 hour grow time
  • Improve Haunted Mansion to Stage 3 – Cobweb, Deadwood, and Old Fence
Rewards: 300XP, 4500 Coins, and Were Toad
 Were Toad
 FarmVille – Haunted Hallow Chapter 3 #5 – Root of All Potions

  • Get 11 Witchvine Root – Post to ask Neighbors
  • Harvest 125 Spectre Berries – 1 day (23 hour) grow time
  • Make 3 Pumpkin Pie – 1-star Potion Shop: Bushels needed (for 3): Jack o Lantern x3, Green Toadstool x3, Wheat x6
Rewards: 350XP, 5000 Coins, and Witch Vine Tree
 Witch Vine Tree
 FarmVille – Haunted Hallow Chapter 3 #6 – Alchemy Delivery

  • Get 12 Alchemy Bag – Post to ask Neighbors
  • Harvest 150 Zombie – 12 hour grow time
  • Master Imp to 1-Star – 5 Harvests; Move from 1 ready ZOO to another for faster harvesting
Rewards: 400XP, 5500 Coins, and Night Stallion
 Night Stallion


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