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Oct 092012

These goals go from October 8th, 2012 until October 15th, 2012. (or so)

Now before you do anything on your farm, have a look at the quest guide below.  You should take whatever shortcut you can since you only have about a week to do these.

Some tips:

  • In addition to the standard Haunted Hollow crops, you should stock up on these bushels:
    • Wheat (6 needed for Pumpkin Pie – quest 1)
    • Red Tulip (6 needed for Witches Brew – quest 2)
    • Sugar Cane (6 needed for Nightshade Sherbet – quest 3) and
    • Grapes (3 needed for Crystal Cocktail – quest 6)
  • The second expansion, 16×16 is available now for 45,000 coin. I would strongly suggest picking that up.
  • The Basilisk you get in quest 1 will need to be harvested 5 times.  You can do that in a Monster Lab or Zoo.  If you have multiple zoos on a different farm, you can do it there, but be aware that you can’t get the Imp back to the Halloween Farm unless  you have the Shipping License for Haunted Hollow or you get another one in a mystery zoo baby bundle.
  • You will need the Mansion at level 4, but you should be done with that already, or at least close.
When you see a notation such as (50= 3×16 +2 plots), this is meant to tell you how many times you can use a 16×16 combine harvester to plan your crops. In this example, that you can use a combine to plant 3 sets of 16×16 crops, and then plant 2 more to make an even 50.  This is how I plan my plantings, so I hope it will be useful to you as well.

Other than that, have a look at the information below and plant ahead accordingly.

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Ask for: Quest Details: Reward:
 FarmVille – Haunted Hallow Chapter 3 #1 – Set the Stage in Stone

  • Get 6 Stone Scarabs – Post to ask Neighbors
  • Harvest 50 Green Toadstools – 12 hour grow time (50= 3×16 +2 plots)
  • Make 3 Pumpkin Pies – 1-star Potion Shop: Bushels needed(for 3): Jack o Lantern x3, Green Toadstool x3, Wheat x6
Rewards: 150XP, 3000 Coins, and Basilisk Blue Snake
 Basilisk Blue Snake
 FarmVille – Haunted Hallow Chapter 3 #2 – All About Atmosphere

  • Get 8 Floating Candles – Post to ask Neighbors
  • Harvest 75 Zombie – 12 hour grow time (75= 4×16 +11 plots)
  • Make 3 Witches Brew – 1-star Potion Shop: Bushels needed(for 3): Ghoul Garlic x3, Sage x3, Red Tulip x6
Rewards: 200XP, 3500 Coins, and Hippogriff Statue
 Hippogriff Statue
 FarmVille – Haunted Hallow Chapter 3 #3 – Make Some Noise

  • Get 8 Haunted Noicemakers – Post to ask Neighbors
  • Harvest 100 Spectre Berries – 1 day grow time (100=6×16 + 4 plots)
  • Make 3 Nightshade Sherbet – 1-star Potion Shop: Bushels needed(for 3): Zombies x6, Tombstones x6, Sugar Cane x6
Rewards: 250XP, 4000 Coins, and Jackolantern Bridge
 Jackolantern Bridge
 FarmVille – Haunted Hallow Chapter 3 #4 – Haunted Hosting

  • Get 8 Creaky Floorboards – Post to ask Neighbors
  • Harvest 125 Sage – 1 day grow time (125= 7×16 + 13 plots)
  • Improve Haunted Mansion to Stage 4 – 
Rewards: 300XP, 4500 Coins, and Haunted Inn
 Haunted Inn
 FarmVille – Haunted Hallow Chapter 3 #5 – Bright Fright

  • Get 9 Wisp Catchers – Post to ask Neighbors
  • Harvest 150 Wormwood – 2 day grow time (150= 9×16 + 6 plots)
  • Master Basilisk Blue Snake to level 1 – 
Rewards: 350XP, 5000 Coins, and Hollow lantern Tree
 Hollow lantern Tree
 FarmVille – Haunted Hallow Chapter 3 #6 – A Whole Other Beast

  • Get 10 Beast Whistles – Post to ask Neighbors
  • 175 Jack O Lantern – 8 hour grow time (175=10×16 + 15 plots)
  • Make 2 Crystal Cocktails – 2-star Potion Shop: Bushels needed (for 3): Spectreberries x6, Jack O’Lantern X6, Grape x3
Rewards: 400XP, 5500 Coins, and Grey Manticore Lion
 Grey Manticore Lion



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  1. Hi…thanks for all the help, havent been on here for awhile but seem to need u r help with this stupid FV & all the quests!!! Do u have any information on the English quests? am on #7 and thinking it will NEVER END!! they want 1000 of sometimes 2 different crops & a good thing they can be planted on different farms or no one would get them finished..so I would like to know if u have any new information on these quests for the ENGLISH. again thanks for all your help. barb

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    I am so behind myself it is not even funny. If you need a friend to send items ad me and I will send things back

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