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Sep 172012

These goals go from September 17th, 2012 until September 24th, 2012. (or so)

I can’t help it! My favorite holiday has always been Halloween.. and this time, I couldn’t help but pick up early access to the new Haunted Hollows Farm! On this farm, FarmVille has decide to go back to basics: No specialty coin (coconuts/jade), no limit on how many plots of land, and no water plots.  I’m quite happy for that, honestly. All those things really.. I mean, REALLY, irritated me about the previous farms.

And since I’ve mentioned that there’s no limit on the plots of land, I’d like to point out that you should consider jam-packing as many plots as you can onto your 12×12 starting farm.  I was trying to get through the first chapter of quests right away, so I planted 4 quests worth of crops, and then used one of my Instant Grow Potions that I had been saving up.  Shoving plots in between all of the immovable tombstones was a little difficult (tombstones hide gifts like the “Jade Fortunes” in Jade Falls).  Have a look.

I squished as many crops into my tiny farm as I could, and then used an instant grow potion. That's four quests worth of crops there, including the 40 ghoul garlic (3 day grow time) that I mention later.

Now before you do anything on your farm, have a look at the quest guide below.  You should take whatever shortcut you can since you only have about a week to do these.  For example,  Your Potion Shop (crafting building) has an already finished Nightshare Sherbet in it. You need to finish one of those for quest number 4. So if you can just leave it in there until you get to the appropriate quest, then that’s one less thing for you to have to wait for.

Also, that same quest (#4) requires the harvesting of 40 Ghoul Garlic, which has a 3 day grow time. Three days!  It would really be a good idea for you to plant those as soon as you possibly can so you don’t have to wait as long.

You will need some red tulip and sugar cane bushels for the crafting.  Best to get those ready ahead of time.

You can the following information to plan crops ahead so you can blow through the quests as fast as possible. Wherever possible, I have pointed out the bushels you will need to craft things in the Craftshop,  Plan accordingly. You may have to buy bushels in advance, ask for them, or plant those extra crops if your friends aren’t being helpful. The last few goals have a large amount of long grow time crops, so try to knock out the easy ones quickly so you have time.


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Witch Feathers
FarmVille – Haunted Hollow Ch1 #1 – Light as the Night

  • Get 6 Witch Feathers – Post to ask Neighbors
  • Harvest 15 Jack O Lanterns – 8 hour grow time
  • Harvest 15 Sage – 1 day grow time
Rewards: 150XP, 3000 Coins, and Nightmare Goat

Miracle Glow
FarmVille – Haunted Hollow Ch1 #2 – Lighten Up the Night

  • Get 6 Miracle Glow – Post to ask Neighbors
  • Harvest 20 Tombstones – 8 hour grow time
  • Vote on 1 Photo – 
Rewards: 200XP, 3500 Coins, and Floating Witch Fountain

Murk Tonic
FarmVille – Haunted Hollow Ch1 #3 – Lurk in the Murk

  • Get 6 Murk Tonic – Post to ask Neighbors
  • Harvest 30 Zombies – 12 hour grow time
  • Make 1 Witches Brew – 1-star Potion Shop: Bushels needed: Ghoul Garlic x1, Sage x1, Red Tulip x2
Rewards: 250XP, 4000 Coins, and Murky Pond

Firefalfa Sprig
FarmVille – Haunted Hollow Ch1 #4 – Fire in the Mire

  • Get 6 Firefalfa Sprig – Post to ask Neighbors
  • Harvest 40 Ghoul Garlic – 3 day grow time – Did you preplant like I suggested?
  • Make 1 Nightshade Sherbet – 1-star Potion Shop: Bushels needed: Zombies x2, Tombstones x2, Sugar Cane x2
Rewards: 300XP, 4500 Coins, and Fire Hydra

Thorn Seeds
FarmVille – Haunted Hollow Ch1 #5 – Around the Brambles

  • Get 6 Thorn Seeds – Post to ask Neighbors
  • Harvest 30 Sage – 1 day grow time
  • Harvest 30 Zombies – 12 hour grow time
Rewards: 350XP, 5000 Coins, and Dark Bramble Tree

Riding Cloaks
FarmVille – Haunted Hollow Ch1 #6 – Night Riding

  • Get 6 Riding Cloaks – Post to ask Neighbors
  • Harvest 60 Jack O Lantern – 8 hour grow time
  • Submit a Photo of Haunted Hollow – 
Rewards: 400XP, 5500 Coins, and Purple Nightmare Stallion


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  1. A question I have to ask may be stupid though: If I planted 4 quests worth crops, instant grew and harvested at once, how about the bagging items? Does it need to wait for one quest finished — including planting, crafting and bagging–before the second quest appears? Likewise the 3d and 4th ? If so do the harvested 4 quests worth crops counted towards the 2nd , 3rd, 4th quests before these quests appear?

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