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Jun 242010

NOTE June 14th: These no longer work as Zynga has discontinued the Japanese Barn. Hope you got yours done in time! ~The Facegamer

I was really waiting for this update. I need the storage space. I’ve been resistant to buying decorations for my farm, but the Japanese theme suckered me in. I’m such an ‘otaku’. 🙁

Anyway, here’s the five gifting links for the Japanese Barn. Only two of the parts are new. These are not freebies. Just a gifting aid. Kind of silly that I need to even say that.

Hope this helps. You can share this page with your buddies by using this little blue button.

1) Select the gift you wish to give to your friends. A new window/tab will open.
2) Select the friend or friends you wish to send the gift to.
Wooden Board for Horse Stable Red Brick for Horse Stable Nail for Horse Stable
Where to from here?

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  76 Responses to “FarmVille – Japanese Barn Gifter”

  1. avatar

    For the past 3 weeks now….I cannot send farmville gifts. This is the only game that’s doing it. I select the allowed number of friends and hit send….EVERY time, I get page not found. My friends end up with a gift from me, only to click on it and it says, “Error, gift not found”
    Can you maybe point me in the right direction to get this fixed. 3 weeks is a long time and its killing me…I feel like I’m letting my farmville friends down.

  2. avatar

    I am glad someone told me about you, there are times when I don’t get any gifts. It’s ok if I don’t get anything from FarmVille; the other games are great. Welcome Friend.

  3. where is the thing on the iphone white apple trees for farmville, i’d like to check my zynga message center to see if i have one…cannot find it here…tytyty…


  4. Why not grow barn? help me plase

  5. I am looking to get some more neighbors please…

  6. I am looking for neighbors please…

  7. are we going to get help with building the beehive

  8. Hey I just wanted to post something on the Frontierville section but the comment section is closed. There is one thing you can still do. When you receive a snack, before you click yes or no you can go to the url and change the part where it says meal1 or meal2 or meal3 or meal4. So if you receive a energy meal from a friend you can get all 4. If you get meal1(snack) you just change it to meal2 or 3 or 4.
    Sorry to post on here for that game but most people that play Farmville play Frontierville.

  9. Just takes me right to my farm – did they cut us off?

  10. avatar

    I just finished building my Beehive…how can I get the Queen bee?

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