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Oct 102011

Hello my darlings! I’m writing today to let you in on a little secret regarding the Batwing Horse, which is a premium item available in the FarmVille market for 26 Farm Cash.
Read on to learn the secret…

The Batwing Horse’s foal becomes a Batwing horse as well! See the below picture for proof.  I strongly suggest that you try to acquire a foal from your friends or from your own Paddock if you can work it, and try to grow it up through the Nursery.

I have no idea if this is intended. I am hoping this is just a nice little Easter Egg that Zynga is giving us, but it’s possible that they might change this later.  This is fair warning.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.
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  10 Responses to “FarmVille – The Batwing Horse’s Dark Secret”

  1. alot of the new foals/animals can be “grown up” for 40 FV Cash

  2. I was very happy to hear about this. The friend that passed this knowledge to me also gave me a Batwing Foal and with in minutes I had my own full grown Batwing Horse and was sending foals to five of my friends.

    I’m not sure if this is intentional or not, but I certainly consider it a perk considering the recent drudgery Zynga’s been putting out lately. I hope they realize how popular this is and do not move to fix it.

  3. Like this hope to get one this way much better then spending money, which I won’t do …. Thanks

  4. The quarter foal turns into a quarter pony as well 🙂 I have performed this myself in the nursery!!!!

  5. I bought the Batwing horse from the Market. Got a foal. Put the foal in the nursery, and after harvesting the nursery 4x in a row… I got a few coins, but absolutely nothing posted for me to share. Feed, or a horse. Finally, the 5th time, I did get a grownup horse. HOWEVER, was unable to share that, as the post never showed up again in any of the feeds. I have written customer support again, as they have made it right with me on another issue after I spent the FVCash.


  7. the walking pony grows up in nursery as well and its the same as when you put in… quarter foal too.
    Southern smiles,

  8. ever since i put the batwing foal into my nursery i haven’t gotten one feed when i harvest.

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