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Apr 152011

12-25-2010- Hi again. As you probably know by now, Meteor patched the old links, making it harder for you to get freebies. I think I may have figured something out, but it still needs testing. Please try these for a few days and see if they work out better. People are able to get between 3 and 5, if they’re able to get any. Also, THERE ARE NEW INSTRUCTIONS.  If you have HELPFUL feedback, please contact me using the contact form on the About page.  (Saying “These still don’t work, Waaaaahhh” is not helpful feedback. Provide information. What you tried, what error did you get, etc.)~The FG

Hello my Island Paradise friends. I am currently trying to rearrange the Island Paradise stuff on the site for you. As it stands right now, everything seems to be all over the place.  So bear with me, please. I don’t play this game anymore, and so I’m sorry I haven’t done this sooner. Please feel free to contact me on the About page if more IP stuff needs to be added.Here’s some gimmes for Island Paradise’s Spring Event. These fall under the same rules as previous IP posts, which are:

You can claim up to 5 TOTAL gifts per day (24 hours or so).  Not “five from one page and 5 from another”. Five TOTAL. I could say it over and over until I’m blue in the face but there will always be someone who complains that I didn’t say anything.

Because these are holiday gifts, it’s very likely that these links won’t last forever. Enjoy them while you can!

Also, THIS MIGHT NOT WORK FOR EVERYONE. If it doesn’t work for you – sorry. You can try again tomorrow if you want. I have some troubleshooting tips at the bottom of the post.

…and speaking of Easter Eggs!

Here’s an easter egg of a different type. While in the game, type “tposg” and see what happens!

If you like this, please  it with your buddies!

New Instructions as of 12/25/2011-
1) Select the picture of the gift that you want.
2) A new window/tab will open, and you should recieve your gift. Close that tab when you’re done.
3) Come back to this post and choose another gift. You can mix and match, or if you want 5 of one thing, CHOOSE a different picture entirely. They’re numbered to help you keep track of what you’ve clicked on.
4) Give it at LEAST 24 hours before you come back for more.

I’ll say it again. You can have up to 5 per 24-hour day. It won’t work for everyone. Read the troubleshooting section below if you’re having problems.

There’s other stuff on the following two pages too – but they fall in the same 5-per-day rule:

Barn Materials Mix and Match
Animal and Tree Mix and Match

Frequently Used Gifts

Spring Ingred 1
Spring Ingred 2 Spring Ingred 3 Spring Ingred 4 Spring Ingred 5
Amethyst Egg 1
Amethyst Egg 2 Amethyst Egg 3 Amethyst Egg 4 Amethyst Egg 5
Emerald Egg 1
Emerald Egg 2 Emerald Egg 3 Emerald Egg 4 Emerald Egg 5
Turquoise Egg 1
Turquoise Egg 2 Turquoise Egg 3 Turquoise Egg 4 Turquoise Egg 5
Amber Egg 1
Amber Egg 2 Amber Egg 3 Amber Egg 4 Amber Egg 5
Spinel Egg 1
Spinel Egg 2 Spinel Egg 3 Spinel Egg 4 Spinel Egg 5

And here’s last year’s eggs (2010):

Blue Egg 1
Blue Egg 2 Blue Egg 3 Blue Egg 4 Blue Egg 5
Green Egg 1
Green Egg 2 Green Egg 3 Green Egg 4 Green Egg 5
Red Egg 1
Red Egg 2 Red Egg 3 Red Egg 4 Red Egg 5
Purple Egg 1
Purple Egg 2 Purple Egg 3 Purple Egg 4 Purple Egg 5
Pink Egg 1
Pink Egg 2 Pink Egg 3 Pink Egg 4 Pink Egg 5



UPDATE 12/20 – In December 2011, Meteor changed the way that the free-floating Gifts work.  I have done what I can to make them work again for now. But it’s still sporadic, at best.  Sorry for any inconvenience. Sometimes, that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

*Everyone has a certain amount of “free-floating” gifts that they can accept a day. These free-floating gifts don’t have to come from anyone in particular. Island Paradise uses them as padding to honor a gift that would have otherwise been rejected by the system. You get about 5 of them a day. The best practice would be to come HERE and claim 5 freebies BEFORE you accept the daily gifts from your friends.

*If you got the error “Sorry, we could not find that gift for you”, that means you’re done for the day. Even if you didn’t get any gifts from The Facegamer, the 5-gift-rule includes anything you got from anywhere else, if you’ve seen something similar to this floating around your friends’ profiles. If you accepted an actual gift from a friend, and accidently (or on purpose) refreshed the page, it would count towards the 5-gift-rule. Just don’t freak out, and try again tomorrow if you feel like it.

*If you get a blank page, either refresh the page or try again. Island Paradise might be down or slow, which is nothing I can fix.

*If you get some plain text in black that looks like code or something, try again later. Island Paradise’s gift server might be busy, which again is nothing that I can fix.

*Sometimes it just plain doesn’t work. All these work for me, so if it’s not working for you – and it’s not one of these reasons above – I really don’t know what it is. Sorry. 🙁

Where to from here?

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  58 Responses to “Island Paradise – Easter Eggs!”

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    There are some eggs from last year in my storage but no “use” link to get them. Help!

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    I need directions about the mermaid and genie. My book doesn’t work correctly and a friend has been helping me. Still not finished. Please help. Thanks. for all that you do for us.

  3. Not about these freebees, but can anyone explain how to craft things like a boat in a bottle etc for the mermaid?

  4. I need help with the Mermaid..any tips??

  5. avatar

    LOL! tposg is cute. I accidentally found him once before and thought maybe he was Eline’s new merman . . . .

  6. avatar

    BTW, thanks for everything. IP is my favorite game on FB. Have a good night 🙂

  7. avatar

    my island will not load or let me add it back on facebook what do i need to do to get it back on

    • avatar

      me too, have they discontinued it??? all my friends are having the same issue, what’s up?

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