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Jul 222010

EDIT: This just isn’t working for everyone. I don’t know why. Worked for me. To get to the cork redeemer, click on “use” from the cork in the giftbox”. Assuming this works for you. If it didn’t.. sorry. :/ ~The Facegamer

Remember the Paris Bistro Cork game thing in My Vineyard? Where you had to collect corks as gifts and redeem them en masse for goodies? Even though it’s officially discontinued earlier this month, cork gifts still work. So here’s 10 of them. You can use them to finally get the things you thought you missed out on.

NOTE: Don’t tinker with the link URLs AT ALL. You run the risk of being unable to accept any more corks if you change the wrong thing. I learned it the hard way. Just follow the instructions as I’ve written them and you should be fine. [fb-share]

1) Click on a cork. A new window will open up.
2) You should see a cork from “Castaway Islander”. Close the window and come back here.
3) Select another cork. Another new window will open up.
4) Go into the game from that window and verify that you’ve received 2 corks. Close the window when you’re done.
5) Repeat steps 1-4.. making sure every 2 or 3 corks you are checking to make sure you got them.
6) If you see the message “That gift had already been accepted – Please check your gift box.” at any point. STOP. You won’t be able to accept any more today.
7) When you’re done, you might be able to go through them all a second time. Not positive though.
8) Don’t forget to share this page with your friends! [fb-share]

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  46 Responses to “My Vineyard – Free Paris Bistro Corks READ INSTRUCTIONS”

  1. avatar

    Will you ever add any links for the gift boxes for my vineyard? I used to purchase them for $5.00 Vineyard cash, but now they have upped the price to $8.00 Vineyard cash since Playdom took over.

  2. They have started a new game that uses truffles, will you ever offer the truffles?

  3. avatar

    I could really use some help advancing in My Vinyard. PLEASE HELP!!!!
    Thanks to all

  4. avatar

    I have tried several times to get the corks but no luck here. I think I need more friends to move up? Anyone??


  6. Please give an acorn link!!

  7. when will u get the things for the thanksgiving table?

  8. How can we give you links for collecting nuts for the squrrel game in My vineyard?

  9. avatar

    I really need neighbors. Especially ones that actually play. Only one of my neighbors play so very slow to build anything!! If your interested, look me up! Thank you.

  10. avatar

    How can I get a Puppy for my vineyard. I bought the dog house along time ago, I keep wishing at the wishing well, no luck. I really want one.

  11. Iam looking for more neighbors for this game i love playing it so i will add any one

  12. Iam looking for good neighbors I only have one neighbor if any one like to all me plzzz do and put on the vine yard plzzz so i know whair to put you ty svm

  13. when are you going to change the corks? that’s been over with for a long time now. we need the fruit now. pls change the corks to fruit please

  14. avatar

    i’m looking for neighbors in My Vineyad ty

  15. I’m looking for neighbors in my Vineyard, farmville, farm town, and cafe world, if you need neighbors also please accept me thank you very much.

  16. avatar

    When is there ever gonna be anything for MY VINEYARD????? I used to play it faithfully & even spent a nice amount of money into it & then there’s nothing really to even continue on the game for. It takes too long to build houses & there is nothing to help towards expanding, like no tasks & even if there were tasks, what could they consist of??? The store has nothing in it to truly buy, heck, there’s still Halloween stuff in there. Does the game even have a staff to update this thing? If things don’t change in a very short time, I am going to resign & remove myself from it entirely. It’s VERY boring now.
    Thank you for your time~~~

  17. Thank you, can you try putting some more things on here instead of the cork screws? maybe trees like you did for farm town? Site is awesome, it worked for me.

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