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Oct 122011

Hi all my BFFs, and everyone else stuck with me!

As you may or may not know my wife is out on ‘holiday’.  I can’t say anymore then that, because she wants to tell you about it herself when she gets back (or so I believe), but this means I get to post for both my blog and hers.

For you guys and gals use to me this is normal, but for all Jackie’s fans this is like divine punishment.  You are now inflicted with what she gets everyday…me!

Mahahahaa!hahahaha!!  *cough hack* Bwahahaha  *wheeze*

Just kidding, just kidding!  Don’t hit the back button.  Stay with me now.   Because of the differences in our blogs I decided to make a humorous post in the hopes of giving everyone a good laugh.   I hope you find these as funny as I did.

This is something you will never see in Cityville, but if you did what would that be like?

Meth Lab

Supply 50

Payout 1500

It could be any building…you would know which one only by the smoke rising from a window. :P

Wouldn’t it be a ‘say whaat?!?!’ moment to log on to your farm one day and see…say 1 in 10 cows wearing this stylish headgear?  It’s to bad the Zynga people don’t have a mischievous side.  I think tons of people would do a double take to see one of these suddenly on their farm.

It is not any truer then this.  Would Cafeworld be more or less fun if your customers came in to your cafe fatter and fatter each day, but only if your food was THAT good?  You could tell a player struggling to play the game by his/her skinny customers.

This is what happens when you are not a certified clicker.  Someone was building a condo and miss-clicked.  Luckily only 1 guy with a huge hammer was on site so hardly anyone was hurt.  (We found the hammer BTW.  We’ll keep it for the next guy)  Please, click carefully.

Hey!  Its me!  I got my ‘relaxin’ overalls on after working hard on the farm…ville.  Usually I’m drinking a beer.  If you like these duds give a shout out.  We’ll add them to our clothing store.  That’s right!  for the low low price of 59.99 you too can be a well dressed farmer.  Nothing says you’ve got it made in the shade like your clothes.

I dunno,  I like this idea.  No matter how heavy I get I am SURE I can catch this fast food.  Now if it was the Road Runner as a burger I’d be unhappy.  You seen how skinny the coyote is?  THAT is fast food.


You know what caused this?  YOUR FRIENDS!  All those busy bodies clicked on your train, and this tragedy is the result.  Responsible clicking, I just can’t stress that enough, it’s THAT important.

This adds a twist to Cafeworld.  Anyone remember the blockbuster hit  “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes?”  I watched that movie, it put me in a coma for 2 weeks.  Can you just imagine a new food line that is like gladiator combat.  You and your lunch enter the arena…

And with this we have solved a great mystery, but added another… How did that kitten get a drivers licence?!  That’s just not responsible.


So I hope you had a laugh from these.  I get to post tomorrow as well, if anyone has anything they are interested in now is the time to suggest them!  I will do due diligence and make something nice.

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  12 Responses to “On this special day I have a special offering!”

  1. funny Turtle

  2. lol most of them were good keep up the laughs

  3. needed the laugh…Thank you

  4. Like click! Good job.

  5. These are great but what I would like to know is how can I get free stuff for Cityville like you have for other games. Will you be doing any thing like that?

  6. lol…

  7. Nice post.. really enjoyed a lot to visit your post.. 🙂

  8. way to funny…loved them all! Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to share a laugh!

  9. Just tapped in to your Editorial Page. Humor makes dull lives bearable and ices the cake for others. My cake now has icing! Thank You.

  10. Do you still do CityVille goals?

  11. Great blnggiog. Keep it up Btw i found my self here while i was searching for “temizlik sirketleri antalya”

  12. avatar

    Just asking, will you be giving out “helps” in Cityville?


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