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Jul 052010

This last weekend, Eclipse, the latest installment of the Twilight saga came out in movie theaters. Regardless of whether you like Twilight or if you’re more of a True Blood sort of vampire.. uh.. “fan”… there are plenty of vampire-themed games on Facebook to sate your appetite. Please note that most of these games contain blood and gore (well, yeah), and some of them have rough language. In case knowing that matters to you. No sparkley-skinned vampires in this lot!

Bite Me, by Three Rings Games – This real-time fighting RPG (Role-playing game) has sharp, cartoony graphics and quite the sense of humor. You must complete quests and face challenges to rise to the top of the vampire society. You can also decorate your apartment and care for “thralls”, which are humans that act as your servants – and everything that you’d think that entails. There’s a fun mini-game in this one too that I would play on its own if I could. Follow this link to play Bite Me.


City of Eternals, by Ohai inc. – About as massively-multiplayer as you can get in a Facebook game, City of Eternals also has quests and real-time fighting like the last one, but this one is much more detailed and complete. There’s a lot of places to explore in the city of New Valencia (vampires like oranges??). You can hire your friends as minions and send them off to do useful (or demeaning) tasks to serve you. I really like this one, but sometimes it doesn’t load quite right so I have to refresh the page once or twice. Follow this link to try City of Eternals.


Vampire Mob City, by DJArts Games inc. – It’s a city-builder about vampire.. mobsters? This one’s for all you city builder lovers – this one’s pretty goofy, but still fun. You have to build areas for humans to live, places that produce vampires (such as a graveyard) and legitimate businesses for your bloodythirsty mobsters to rob. Seems anti-climactic to produce vampires in order to rob bars, but hey, that’s what it is. Good for a giggle or two. Follow this like to get a taste of Vampire Mob City.

Vampire Wars, by Zynga – This one needs no introduction – so I won’t. 😉 Follow this link to head to Vampire Wars.

Other games that are taking advantage of the vampire craze are:

Happy Aquarium has Edward shapedfish? Or is that just a vampire with flipper feet? Blood Tulips, gravestones, Wolf shaped Dreamcatcher
trees and more can be found inFantasy Kingdoms
Hello City has many
Twilight-themed buildings which include miniature versions of Eddie, Ella, and others

What do you think of these games? Do you prefer Twilight or True Blood? (or some other?) Let everyone know in the comments below.

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  15 Responses to “Vampire Games”

  1. Eclipse is not the last movie in the Twilight Saga. Breaking Dawn comes out November 2011

  2. For ADULTS that are into fantasy/fiction Laurell K Hamilton is the author of the Anita Blake series of Vampire/Wereanimal books….if you are remotely into this genre, this is the author for you…True blood rated R or X.

    • I TOTALLY agree. I had read a few of these. I am currently on the third book reading the entire series. They are EXCELLENT

      • avatar

        Those books are good until you get to Cerulean Sins. Laurel then takes you to a place you do not want to go. I won’t read them anymore.

  3. I like that bite me game but I cant seem to get any neighbors 🙁

  4. oooo if we are talking about books there was christopher pikes last vampire serise that he has rereleased as thirst…. p.c. cast and her daughter kristin cast are up to book 7 in the marked serise very great books….. and for some reason i cant think of the other 9 vampire serises i read are…. oh and dont get me started on paranormal authors……….

  5. avatar

    Neither… I’m more of Buffy/Angel person… 😛

  6. Twilight is the worst thing ever, but otherwise I enjoy Vampires. Might check some of these out.

  7. My Favorite vampire series is L A Banks Vampire Huntress series. Definitely adult; all you could want in a vamp tale and the major players are there Lilith, and count Bathory included.

  8. My Favorite vampire series is L A Banks Vampire Huntress series. Definitely adult; all you could want in a vamp tale and the major players are there Lilith, and countess Bathory included.

  9. I like Twilight and haven’t read True Blood (I could only manage to sit through 2 episodes of the TV series), I like the Vampire Diaries TV series (have yet to read the books) but my favourite in the Vampire genre has to be House of Night by PC and Kristin Cast 😀

  10. i cant get city of feternals to connet and i dont know wy i have flash player dos anyone else have this prob or now why i cant connet thanks

  11. i can’t plat it there’s something worng with it

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