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Jun 072011

Hey everyone! Players of Empires & Allies that are over level 14 or so should like this.  If you are lower than level 14, please skip this for now, and come back to it when you’re higher level.

Essentially, this is a page of ask-for links for metals. What you do is this: pick a metal that you need a lot of, or that you want to stock up on. Select the corresponding picture below, and then send requests to as many friends as it will allow.  Then, sit back and watch the metals roll in as you play. You will literally see when someone answers your request because a pop-up will show up at the bottom of the play window.. similar to this:


In this example, I asked for copper, and that is what I got!

So anyway, here are the links:






I have to reiterate that if you are under level 14, none of this will work for you. Come back when you’re bigger though!

I don’t know how often you can use them.. I’ve asked for stuff every 6 hours or so, and it seems like my friends list refreshes so I can send to the same people.

Hope you find this useful. Don’t forget to share  with your friends!



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  34 Responses to “Empires & Allies – Resource Ask-For Links (Get Metals From Your friends!)”

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    me gustaria que funcione pork me da mucho trabajo recibir los recursos

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    I can’t get the links to work at all. I just get sent to my E and A page, with the tab for play lit up but nothing ever loads beyond that. Any ideas?

  3. this sucks tthx but this dont workand it sucks

  4. avatar


  5. It works for me, just follow these steps. When you click the link for whatever ore you want, you gotta click on “all friends” when the site is loaded, then from there you wait for a few minutes. After that you look for people you want to request from and click their name. If you cant click send request because you don’t see the button, make sure you click in the game, but not in the text box, and press the tab button on your keyboard. After that youll see a facebook pop-up for permission to post. Press tab again and click send. Now you wait till your friend accepts. If you wanna make it faster, try creating multiple accounts for facebook, the only downside is that you have to keep logging on and off each account, but this will definetley work if you’re patient. Hope this helps, until then, peace!

  6. I suggest to share here links to accelerate resources, researches, units creation, etc.

    Everytime you post you could get help and finish everything fast enough

    If you click on someone else’s links you can get points to have your own links ranked up in the page.. it worked beautifully in other game i used to play

  7. get a brain?

    what hapens when you try?

    it should bring up a box with your friends names in it *ideally*
    and you click their names to ask them to send you the item
    if there is a box but no names it means you have asked them
    already recently for an item and need to try again later on….

    if something else is hapening ‘you may be infected…
    cause its just a link and works fine for all else of us

    • Hello:

      I have successfully utilized this link many times, well over a thousand items per unit(iron, copper, uranium)
      As of last week this no longer worked
      I can still access the link, and it still takes me to the friend list and allows me to send it
      HOWEVER once i send it, rather then load the screen turns white and the gifts only appear in the message section of face book but not on the actual game thus not allowing me to get any more gifts(i have still been able to access the free items list like mission maps and upgrades)
      any help would be great as my military is now at a standstill

  8. Worked great for me, thanks. 🙂

  9. avatar

    I need a centrifuge and a camera, how can I find more faster?

  10. I wish there were items we could gift ourselves that are needed for missions (like those in Cafe’ World) — It takes awhile for those friends who DO play to get everything we need, plus, there’s always a limit reached when helping — and one must wait another 24 hours to help his/her friend. THIS game, AND Adventure World could use such — the items in Adventure World found here do me no good in finishing items I’m constructing — it’s also difficult having lots of neighbors — few of whom actually play anymore!

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