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Jun 072011

Hey everyone! Players of Empires & Allies that are over level 14 or so should like this.  If you are lower than level 14, please skip this for now, and come back to it when you’re higher level.

Essentially, this is a page of ask-for links for metals. What you do is this: pick a metal that you need a lot of, or that you want to stock up on. Select the corresponding picture below, and then send requests to as many friends as it will allow.  Then, sit back and watch the metals roll in as you play. You will literally see when someone answers your request because a pop-up will show up at the bottom of the play window.. similar to this:


In this example, I asked for copper, and that is what I got!

So anyway, here are the links:






I have to reiterate that if you are under level 14, none of this will work for you. Come back when you’re bigger though!

I don’t know how often you can use them.. I’ve asked for stuff every 6 hours or so, and it seems like my friends list refreshes so I can send to the same people.

Hope you find this useful. Don’t forget to share  with your friends!



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  34 Responses to “Empires & Allies – Resource Ask-For Links (Get Metals From Your friends!)”

  1. avatar

    Thank you! Whenever I click “Ask for …” it never works

    • These are pretty much worthless links, because if you’ve already visited your neighbors/allies and asked for ore they won’t work. (You can only request for each every 4 hours) You’re better off clicking on each of your allies and then clicking on “Request ore” or going to their market and buying it, and if they don’t have anything in their market, asking them to put it in their market.

      • You open multiple tabs!!! it lets you send to all 500+ of ur buddies in game instead of the 60 limit

  2. can u add also oil, liberty bonds and wood? that would help the lower levels. would be nice if there would be similar to the VIP dinner style of gifting we had before. thanks much

  3. hi

  4. avatar

    can you fix to take money and energy???

  5. avatar

    can u add also oil, liberty bonds and wood? that would help the lower levels. would be nice if there would be similar to the VIP dinner style of gifting we had before. thanks much

  6. is it still work ?

    i could not use it since the last night

  7. Works great you gotta tab down to get to the send button but works like a charm thanks

  8. Try replacing the items from the URL i posted above with the items you want to request:
    wood = wood
    oil = oil
    coins = coins
    energy = energy
    (Both on the Name and Type parts)

  9. I am using Chrome as my browser, but cannot get the ‘Ask for’ links to work. Any suggestions?

  10. The link worked and now it doesn’t

  11. avatar

    do you noww anybody wheree i find wood = wood
    oil = oil i if now post the liink in this page

  12. Started from yesterday, everytime I pressed the link, it opened a new tab but unabled to load my friend list, which means I was unable to send request. Could you please take a look at that? Million thanks

  13. these links do nothing

  14. it no longer works 🙁 It stopped working since yesterday after the dragon week was launched. is there any workaround for this?

  15. Well, I used these before but they don’t seem to be working now.

  16. does it still work for you?

  17. Please update the link, its not working anymore

  18. Please update the link, it is not working anymore

  19. Thank you for all that you do on the games. I am level 23 and when I click the links the place to ask my friends never pops up. Just thought you might want to know.

  20. ahhhh they dont work anymore 🙁

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