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FG Mart – Farm Town One-Stop Shop


Thanks to James M. for helping me streamline the link gathering. You’re awesome!

The FG Mart was last fully updated Saturday, June 13th, 2015– Full updates are (usually) performed every Friday.

Latest Posts: Hazelnut Trees


I am aware that people are not able to get 100% of the items 100% of the time. I have determined that this is a problem within the Farm Town game and not something I have any control over. Some people have reported that clearing your browser’s cache will help with some, but not all problems. Please read the FG Mart FAQ for more information. Thank you ~The Facegamer

You hear an announcement over the PA System as you walk through the door. “Welcome to FG Mart, where you will find all sorts of items for your Farm Town needs. Visit the Grocer’s for processed and natural foods, or the Florist for trees and flowers. The Nursery has all manner of livestock and supplies. New items are added… every so often. FG Mart: Where low-low prices’ means ‘Free’!” All goofiness aside, I thought it’d be a good idea to have a page where you can find all the Farm Town posts that I’ve made. I’ll be sure to update this page when I add new stuff. Also, the links may dry up from time to time. I’ll try and update them as I can, but you may also wish to visit some of the Farm Town fan groups that exist around the internet. They’re listed at the bottom of the page. Here’s what we got so far: Grocer:

Chocolate Syrup Cow Milk and Hen Eggs Pepperoni Flour
Pickles and Ham Sugar Yes, that's a cow passing gas. Fuel Meat and Raw Chicken
Ground Coffee Ketchup and Hot Dogs Pineapples Blueberries
Strawberries Tomatoes Sausages Potatoes
Salt Pork Bait Carbonated Water
Lamb Meat


Olive Trees

Walnut Trees
Banana Trees Mulberry Trees

Cherry Trees

Coconut Trees
Peach Trees Mango Trees
Cinnamon Trees
Cocoa Trees

Pear Trees
Almond Trees

Rubber Trees

Plum Trees

Pine Trees

Red Maple Trees
Juniper Trees
Cork Oak Trees
Acacia Trees Hazelnut Trees


Misc Flowers Glads, Pink Roses, and Gerber Daisies


Cows Hens Turkey Feathers Turkey
Pigs Geese Goats Peacocks
Duckies Black Cats Horses Clydesdales
Roosters Doggies  Baby Deer 

Decorations and Landscaping:

Fences/Hedges Money Trees


Pumpkin Patch Thanksgiving Winter Trees Secret St. Paddy’s Easter-Tree-Farm-Town-Free-Gift-The-Facegamer-Facebook-GameEaster Trees 2013

Groups where you can find more free stuff!

Even though there’s all these other groups, I hope you’ll come visit FG Mart sometimes. 😉 Bookmark this page (CTRL+D) and come back from time to time! Farm Town is a trademark of Slashkey. All graphics are the copyright of their owners. Piggies photo  BrokenSphere / Wikimedia Commons

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  2. It’s ages since I said ‘thank you for what you’re doing here’, so, Big Thank You for what you are doing here!! and once again YOU ROCK, MAN!!! (msg to all who are going to say FG is of the female persuasion – I’m fairly well stuck in the ’60’s, man! Peace x)

  3. avatar

    I would like to know how to have crops and then trees on top of them.

  4. GREAT site! Well done. My “speed” tip: From first page, right-click on gift, “Open in new WINDOW.” In new window, right-click on the item and “Open in new tab,” as many times as needed. Then, click the “x” to close the window, and (in IE8, anyway) it will ask if you want to close ALL tabs. One click, all gifts accepted, move on! Thanks again for your hard work — makes playing Farm Town MUCH more enjoyable!