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Aug 292012

Hello  Here’s a map of every item in the brand spanking new FASTFIND map, CBS Newsroom, part of Zynga’s Hidden Object game, Hidden Chronicles. This should be everything on this map, but feel free to correct me in the comments in case I’m misssing something.

To unlock this FASTFIND map in your game, you are supposed to watch Big Brother on CBS at 8pm Pacific on 8-29.  There is supposed to be a URL they show during a break that unlocks it. I understand that this is unfair to people who aren’t in the US or who don’t watch TV (such as myself).  Zynga understands this too and has promised to make it more accessible for the rest fo the world on Friday.  However, with the link from the show, it shouldn’t matter where you are.

Here’s the Unlock LINK:  According to Zynga, “Sorry, this event is now closed and promotional offers are no longer valid.”

I would like to do more of these. They’re very time consuming though, so I’d like to do them in the order that they’d be most helpful to you. If you like this, let me know the map you want to see next!


I would also really appreciate it if you shared this post your friends. To do that, just copy the link to this page into your status, or go to The Facegamer Fan Page, find the appropriate picture and click “share”. Thanks!

Here's the map to every item in the CBS Newsroom FASTFIND level. To see it FULL-SIZED, click on the image.

I hope you like this. Please let me know in the comments which map you’d like to see next!


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  62 Responses to “Hidden-Chronicles – CBS Newsroom FASTFIND Item Map – find all the items quickly!”

  1. I would love the Fast Find Kitchen Scene please

  2. Do you know where the teleprompter is? I can’t seem to find it and I don’t see it on the list but it is an item asked for in the fast find

  3. Hi * I am having major issues with the news room. I watched Big Brother and there was no link and then went to support in H.c. and they said the link was not functional and they were working on it. Today I have seen countless people put out TV’s yet there is not even an icon on my page for doing anything with this goal. HELP~~~

    • I’m having the same problem as Sheri. I see many TV’s being asked for too but have no idea where where to find this goal either.

      • The CBS Newsroom is a FastFind. Go to a neighbor and challenge them to a fastfind, it’s one of the FF choices.

  4. avatar

    I know I completed the Quest for & received (or “Unlocked”) the CBS Newsroom scene… Yet I can’t seem to find the actual scene in order to play it… Please steer me in the right direction! Thanx! 😀

  5. Well, I paid to skip the part about watching big brother, because reality tv is not one of my favorite things to watch and those that I do, do not include Big Brother. But so much for spending cash, because it didn’t unlock it for me either. I have to challange someone to play it.

    • Of course, it’s a fast find scene, and if I’m not mistaken it said so in the goal.
      Anyway, better pay 3 energy to challenge each of your friends and try to find maybe 40-60 or so items each time, than pay 10 energy and get to look only for 9 items.

  6. hi! the “teleprompter” is missing from the list and I cannot find it in the picture either… hope it helps. 🙂

  7. I do not know if you will even see this but wanted to ask you about the Chapter 6 & 7 please. Chapter 6: Imperial Vessel has to be completed before I can get the Turquoise Pagoda. I have completed all but the last one (Ta Garden) that is requiring 50 to unlock. Same thing with Chapter 7… I have to complete it, including Prison Suite and it shows that it requires 60 to unlock. Can you tell me if there is something that can be completed that will unlock those? I know that the bridge had a thing that required 25 for the blueprint but as you worked other things the 2 pieces of the blueprint were given to you. Just wondering if the same thing applies for these two. Thanks so much for your time and all that you do here. It is awesome and looks so overwhelming to me.

  8. Thank you for this, it was a huge help but you’re missing the “Teleprompter” I can’t find it anywhere. 🙂

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