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Mar 222010

In case you missed it, Playfish recently released Hotel City, a brand-new hotel management game. And at first glance, it seems pretty cute. While I can’t say there are NO other hotel games on Facebook, since there are so few, the potential is there for this one to really take off.

Basically, you build a hotel the way you like it by dragging different sized-rooms to the play area. I would recommend using all budget rooms (1×1) if you want to maximize on you profit. You can decorate them to suit you tastes. The more and better decorations you use, the more popular (and eventually more profitable) your hotel becomes.

You can give a number of free gifts to your friends, but you cannot (for now) buy normal items and gift them. You can’t sell items you have either, but I’m sure they’ll add that later.

The Hammock is probably the best thing to gift right at the beginningOf all the gifts, it’s the most expensive if you were going to buy it normally. This is speculation, but I think that means that it probably gives the most room rating of the bunch, and could be worth the most if your friends wanted to sell it. (Once they put that functionality in)

Lena hands around...

Lena (literally) hangs around waiting for a room to become vacant. (Click for larger image)

The play area expands in width as you level, which is something people can easily miss. When you finish the tutorial, you can build a hotel that’s 4×6 (4 room units wide by 6 tall). I think people are missing the “4 room units wide” part. The tutorial doesn’t call attention to it, and looking at some of my friend’s hotels.. A lot of them either missed it or don’t care.

Another thing that they don’t really mention is that you can fill rooms manually. If you see someone walking by without checking in, you can pick them up and drop them into the lobby (or one of the rooms, but dropping on the lobby is better because they go to the room from the lobby anyway. You can also pick the up and hold them for a while on your cursor while you wait for a room to free up.

Don’t forget to visit all your friends daily for the sack of money that they leave you. You can also wake each of their sleeping guests for a chance at getting a little money.

That’s it for now I guess. There isn’t much more to do, but I bet they’ll add more in coming weeks.

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    Add me for hotel city or restaurant city friend. Please let me know in message which one when you request add. TY

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