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Apr 172010

New games are popping up on Facebook all the time, it seems. Here are a couple interesting ones to keep an eye on. Remember when you’re visiting them to keep in mind that they are still so new that they may feel incomplete. But there’s a lot of potential here!



An example club in Nightclub City. (Select pic for larger view)

Night Club City – I *love* this one! You manage a nightclub – choosing music sets & decor. You have to make sure that the bar is stocked and the music is constantly playing. You can bounce unruly jerks and invite cleverly-named celebrities such as Britney Smears, Soup Dogg, 55 Cent, and Lady Lala. The game music is pretty good too.. you would have to listen to it A LOT for it to get annoying. My baby’s freakin’ freakin’ fre-fre-freakin freakin’ baby! TIP: Make sure to place bars, dance floor, chairs AND have some open space for standing around. Your guests need the open space to meet and fall in love (or fight!). Follow this link to go to Night Club City.


Exorcists view of game screen (Select Pic for larger picture)

Exorcists Vs. Demons – The Rock Apocalypse is upon us! But shouldn’t it be called a “Rockalypse”? Well, anyway. Exorcists Vs Demons (also called EvD) is a mission-list type of game like Mafia Wars, except unlike Mafia Wars, it has a REAL storyline, complete with comic-book style chapters that unlock every few levels. You can choose to be either an Exorcist or a Demon, and you team up with others to battle the other side. It’s a lot easier to recruit members for your army too. I have high hopes for this one. Follow this link to go to Exorcists Vs. Demons



Fantasy Kingdom's not a farming game, huh? (Select pic for larger view)

Fantasy Kingdom – So you magically enchant land (plow a field), conjure magical plants (grow crops), and gather mana (make money). Despite the developers calling it a “builder” game, this is definitely a farming game with a magical twist. It’s been off to a rough start so far with gifting problems and very slow loading times, but I like the theme and the graphics enough that I’m going to give it more time before passing judgement. Follow this link to go to Fantasy Kingdom.



Plenty of room for grape growing and squishing. (Select pic for larger view)

My Vineyard – This one’s made by the people that brought you Island Life, and I have the same complaint with this one as I have with the other: washed out, dreary graphics. But if that doesn’t bother you, you’ll find a pretty decent game in the making. It’s more than just a farming game. You also get to squish grapes with your feet! You can make different types of wine. Different factors in production affect its final score, and the descriptions are quite humorous. You can invite your friends to wine tastings, which will improve the quality of the wine when it’s finally sold. AND! There’s live chat if you happen to bump into someone while your visiting your neighbors. Follow this link to go to My Vineyard.

What do you think of these games? Is there a new game that you enjoy that is not mentioned here? Comment in the section below! If you like this post, please [fb-share] it with your friends.!

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  88 Responses to “April New Games – 4 Games to Keep an Eye On”

  1. I love MyVineyard but find it hard to get active friends to help figure out which grapes make the bottles they want for the rewards.

  2. avatar

    Unless I’ve missed it (always a possibility..lol), I’ve seen no mention of Farmandia – another farming
    game, but with great graphics. I’ve stayed with it for a while now, despite early glitches. some still present, (potentially quite annoying to recipients) demands on users hoping to earn ‘diamonds’ and rather limited opportunities for advancement each day…….but it’s great fun to ‘click’ a few switches and sit back and read while my harvester, plower, seeder and ‘cherrypicker’ are chugging around the farm on their own…lol

    Is there any possibility for gifts in Facegamer for Farmandia?

    Whether there is or not, many kudos to you for what you’re doing through Facegamer..many, many!!



  3. So WHEN are we going to have some FREEBIES for Nightclub City?????

  4. Hey I was wondering when we are going to get some new stuff for Frontierville & My Vineyard? All I ever see is stuff for Farm Town…just curious..thanks

  5. facegamer please make a link through which we can earn money faster in nightclub city.

  6. plz plz plz start a free gift page for FANTASY KINGDOM? would be forever thankful!
    you do an aweome job with this site!

  7. i dont get it ,if fantasykingdom is advertised on fg site ,how come face gamer dosen’t have pg link thing,were i can get free creatures,just like farmtown does ,& do you know the site were i can go to to do that

  8. Its been about two years for this post and still nothing for nightclub city, why have it on here if your not going to post anything for it. I like your page but I only seen Cafe World and Farmville on here the most. You don’t have anything new for Restaurant City. Why only two things. I want too see more than that.

  9. I wish you had gifts for CityZen!

  10. There is a new game in my vineyard and it needs bells. It needs silver, blue, gold, and and white with blue stripes, anyway you could do that?

  11. Hello Facegamer ..I wondered if you had any new links for my vineyard,love the cork one..also do you have anything for disco empire. thank you .you do awesome job!

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