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Mar 302010

This game is brand-new FRESH and it really looks awesome! I’ll do a review of it later, but for now, here’s a little tip on prepping to get a very large army, WITHOUT sending too many friend requests. Facebook gets a little mean and crazy if you send out too many Friend Requests at once, so this is a way to not draw too much attention.

1) Go to the EvD info page by clicking here.

2) Go to the Fans area on the left sidebar and click “See All”. I’m in there, somewhere!

3) Copy the following text into your clipboard:

4) Read this carefully- Right-click on a fan and select “Open Link in new tab” (or equivalent for your browser). In the URL, there should be a number at the end. This is the person’s User ID. Highlight all the stuff before the number and PASTE that text I told you to copy. What this does is it SENDS an army invite to that person. Next time they play Exorcists v. Demons and check their army list, they’ll see the invite.

User Profile URL before I paste the text....

After I pasted.. this URL is ready to be loaded!

5) If the fan’s profile did not have a number, click on their profile pic to go to their pictures. There should be a number at the end of that URL. Paste the above text over everything except their User ID and hit enter.

6) IF they didn’t have a photo gallery either, just send them a friend request as normal. Don’t forget to mention Exorcists V Demons. 😉

NOTE: This is the coolest part. You can do this for your friends that don’t play EvD yet, if you think that they might later. When they install the app later, YOUR ARMY REQUEST WILL BE WAITING FOR THEM! How cool is that?!

Anyway, sorry for such a sloppy post. I’m eager to get into some serious EvD playing but I had to share that first. 🙂

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  2 Responses to “Exorcists V. Demons – Preparing your Army”

  1. Giving it a shot!

  2. I only got 1 out of 12 just now.

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